Hydrangea Flower Crown

Continuing the series of blogs about my wedding-makes… I thought I would tell you a bit more about my flower crowns!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that this has been a fantastic year for Heidi the hydrangea! She produced a huge amount of flowers – mostly purple with a few pinks and bright blues.

Hydrangea Flower Crown

You might also know that with the heatwave my other hydrangeas (baby Heidi and Shirley) got scorched and didn’t look too healthy. I was concerned that Heidi’s colours would fade and that the flowers would dry up before the big day.

We were so lucky that, despite some fading, all the flowers survived and looked gorgeous!

Hydrangea Flower Crown

We also had a lot of flowers from my parents plant which were more pink. The combination of the two looked great and we had a lovely mix of shades which we colour-matched to the table runners.

Handmade wedding table runners | Jem Weston blog

As well as adorning the hall with hydrangea, I wanted to make a flower crown. But I couldn’t decide whether to make a subtle hairpiece or a full-on crown… so I did both!

These were made in a bit of a rush before going to set up the hall on the Friday so I’m afraid I didn’t get many photos. The “daytime” crown was made on a narrow headband and the “disco” crown was made on a circle of garden wire.

Hydrangea Flower Crown

Hayley from Wilderness Flowers kindly gave me some advice on how to get started and sent me some floristry wire and tape – thanks Hayley!

I dissected a bloom to get lots of little flowers, threaded wire through, bent it back and wrapped it around itself and the stem. Ideally – I think you would have a longer stem and thread the wire through a bit further down, but as I was working with small sections of a single bloom I didn’t have much to play with. It worked okay!

Hydrangea Flower Crown

I then wrapped floristry tape around the stem and wire. This is a tape I bought on ebay and it went sort of gummy when wet and stuck to itself.

Hydrangea Flower Crown

I then attached the flowers to the headband/circle of wire by wrapping the wire around. I’m not sure whether I should have removed the extra uncovered wire at this point? But I was wrapping with more floristry tape as I went along so everything was covered and looked quite neat.

I was feeling quite pleased with myself as I finished with a few minutes to spare before our friends arrived to help us transport everything to the village hall. And then Andrew asked me what would be the best way to transport his buttonhole flower that I’d forgotten to make…

So I quickly made him a buttonhole flower in a similar way, with part of a hydrangea bloom and a couple of leaves. It looked lovely with his knitted Summer Tie!

Hydrangea Flower Crown

The headband was lovely and comfortable to wear and I was really happy with the colours in it having chosen mostly blue.

But I’m glad I also made the bigger crown so that I could have a costume change in the evening!Hydrangea Flower Crown

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