2018 Makes

After planning my #makenine2019 I thought it would be interesting to look back at how many garments I have made in 2018. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I made ten!

Top row: Buttrick jumper by Martin Storey (which I’ve worn loads!), Trapeze dress toile and Scout Tee with petal sleeves.

Middle row: Faye jumper by Kim Hargreaves which I mostly knitted on honeymoon and love wearing with a shirt-dress. My wedding top which I must confess I’ve only worn once! And my first Scout Tee… which has now become nightwear because the colour doesn’t suit me.

Bottom row: Another Trapeze dress (which I’m planning to take in and make less “trapezey”), Alder shirt-dress which came out huge but was perfect during the heatwave and lovely with my Faye jumper. And finally my new denim circle skirt.

In addition to those pictured above – I also made a simple teal skirt in the same fabric as the Scout Tee with petal sleeves. It’s a bit underwhelming but maybe I’ll wear it in the summer!

And it wasn’t just garments… I also made table runners for the wedding and a crochet rug.

And with help from friends, we made pom pom bunting, a pom pom stage backdrop and wedding candles.

AND… I managed to squeeze in a few new patterns!

Knit this colourful Hexi Blanket by Jem Weston

Hexi Blanket pattern: £3.50 – buy now

Frank the Fox pattern: £3.50 – buy now

Frank the Fox Knit Kit: £18 – shopPom Scarf by Jem Weston

Pom Scarf pattern: £2.50 – buy now

FREE Pom Scarf pattern when you buy six balls of Rooster Almerino DK – shop

Jem Weston | Summer Tie knitting pattern

Summer Tie pattern: £3.50 – buy now

Summer Tie Knit Kit: £10 – shop

This has been fun to write! Sometimes I’m so busy looking ahead that I forget to look back at what I’ve accomplished. 2018 has definitely been a good year for making and I’m feeling confident about my #makenine2019.

What did you make this year?!

4 thoughts on “2018 Makes

  1. I knitted less than I intended, but I am still pleased with what I did accomplish. Two sweaters and a vest top, plus just two pairs of socks. Need to up my sock game in 2019 as several of my old pairs pairs are getting a bit beyond it now. I love your trapeze dresses, and the two cabled jumpers.

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