I haven’t actually taken part in veganuary… but I know a lot of people have, so I thought it might be good for us to share some recipes and I’m hoping you might also have some advice for me!

This time last year I stopped eating all meat apart from fish and replaced cow’s milk with plant based milks. I’ve now also stopped eating fish… but I’m still struggling to quit the cheese.

My long term goal is to eat a plant based diet at home and relax that to vegetarian when I eat out or if someone else is cooking for me (if a vegan option isn’t easily available). That’s quite a long way to explain my diet so Beardie came up with the term “Flexigan”. Let’s get that trending!

Gradually making changes to my diet is working for me and my next step is to completely cut out cows milk at home. But I know that my favourite hot chocolate powder has milk in it… and how do I stop eating cheese?!

So here are my questions for you:

  1. What are your favourite vegan dishes?
  2. What do vegans eat in sandwiches?!
  3. Are there any good nut cheeses I should try?
  4. Have you had any issues with deficiencies? (Deliciously Ella hosted an interesting podcast here)

Here are a few of my favourite recipes (and yes… I’m in love with Deliciously Ella).

Deliciously Ella Vegan Lental Bolognaise

I’ve been cooking this every week through the winter and it’s yum! I make a big batch so it covers a couple of meals and we sometimes add chilli and have it with potatoes or use it as a base for a shepards pie-ish. I miss out onion & garlic because I have a mild intolerance and it’s still super tasty.

Parsnip, Cranberry & Nut Roast

We made the Deliciously Ella Nut Roast on Christmas day and unfortunately we weren’t keen… it was pretty dry and heavy. So I made these for our second Christmas day – and they were lovely. The Weston family was sold and next year we’ll be having these instead of turkey!

I wish I’d taken a photo… I promise they looked exactly like this.

Deliciously Ella Five Ingredient Cookies

These are perfect for an afternoon snack and relatively guilt free! I’m not tempted to eat too many as they’re mostly made from dates…

I’ve also made these Energy Balls and they were delicious too. I tend to find that both of these are better eaten within a few days – they last longer but taste better freshly made.

Deliciously Ella Creamy Pea & Spinach Pasta

We ate this so much last summer and I’m sure we will again this year! It’s super quick, easy and tasty.

The first time I cooked it I was put off by the smell of the warm coconut yogurt… but strangely it tastes better than it smells! We also add pine nuts when serving.

I’m looking forward to trying your favourite vegan recipes!

2 thoughts on “Veganuary

  1. We eat coconut oil based cheeses “BIO”is the company, they melt so we can have cheese toasties and pizza ( just a recent thing so a huge celebration after 20 years without cheese). “SoGOOD” Soy ice-cream is yum, there are plant based creams you can find at big health food stores but they are very expensive. A relative whips up our margarine to create cream/ icing for cakes. We are a family of 4 adults all with food allergies with our youngest son anaphylactic to Dairy and nuts. Another great find but $$$ “Toffuti” Better than Cream Cheese this is a wonderful product with the possibilities of cheese cake, dip mixes and on pizza. Wishing you every success with eliminating dairy from your diet. PS these are Australian product available in city and suburbs but very hard to find in the country.


    1. Thank you! We’ve been sampling some coconut oil cheese and it’s not bad… not the same but not bad! Toffuti sounds great! But it doesn’t look easy to get in the UK. I might have a chat with my local vegan shop about cream cheese because that would be a fab easy sandwich filler 🙂


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