Work in Progress Chest

I have a lovely large wooden chest in my living room (which has become known as “The chest of shame”) where I keep all of my unfinished projects.

It became so stuffed with half-finished  projects that I’d started storing the things I was actually working on in a pile on top of the chest!

It’s been on my Minimise list for quite a while, and spurred on by Marie Kondo I got cracking and sorted through it.

After finishing off a couple of things that literally just needed a little repair, throwing out a few things that I knew I wouldn’t finish and finding a large variety of knitting needles that I thought had been lost forever… I’m left with a not too shameful chest which I’m re-naming my “WIP Chest”!

The first project I dug out is a little bit shameful to be honest… two socks that I started early last year. I intended to knit one sock per month throughout the year – thus ending the year with six new pairs of socks. I have more than enough yarn and bought a couple of sets of fancy new sock needles… but time ran away from me and this is the somewhat disappointing result.

I started hand sewing this patchwork cushion cover years ago! I finished a triangle version in the same fabrics but this one got put into hibernation. I still love it and will definitely finish it at some point!I’ve been using crocheted flannels/face cloths for a while now and recently crocheted some dishcloths in oddments of Cotton Glace to replace our plastic based sponges. I’m planning to make more and it’s a brilliant easy project to fit in my handbag.

I’ve been pretty good recently at only having one garment on the needles at a time – and this Esme cardigan by Kim Hargreaves is the one! I’ve finished the back and it’s now hibernating until I’m less busy with work knitting.

And the final project in the WIP chest is actually Beardie’s knitting! He found he quite enjoyed finishing off some socks that I’d been knitting over Christmas 2017 so I bought him some yarn to make himself a pair.

The yarn is from Gamer Crafting and the colours are based on Luke’s light-saber. I hope one day he’ll finish them… or maybe he could just make the cuff into a sweatband? The yarn is knitting up beautifully.

My new self-imposed rule is that I can’t add anything new to the WIP chest until I finish a project from the WIP chest! I can’t wait until I have time to finish my Esme cardigan… and maybe some socks!

6 thoughts on “Work in Progress Chest

  1. Me too Jem! I’ve sewn up 2 garments which I knitted/blocked over 2 yrs ago! Still have 3 WIPs on needles & am working my way through them one by one😊..also bought the new denim revive book & yarn & Rowan 65 xx

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  2. Me too. Last year I only bought new wool for newborn baby knitting. I have made two blankets from my stash one crochet granny squares with a continuous join and one knitted mitre squares. Also like you finishing off WIPs, and some knitting for charities from my stash. Feels so good.

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  3. I have a foot puffed that is rammed with on the go projects… problem is I’m just so imbalanced with work:life stuff atm I just don’t seem to get time to pick anything up… I’m currently working on a baby blanket… 3 babies have been born and I’m only half way through it… there’s another one due at Easter….

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  4. Well done Jem, I’ve started to tackle my own this year and progress is slow but my ‘WIP pile of shame’ in my Ravelry projects might make you feel better!

    (Ravelry name: twotoucans)

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