Blanket Love

I was delighted earlier this month when I received an email from Love Knitting saying that my Hexi Blanket had been nominated for March Pattern of the Month!

Knit this colourful Hexi Blanket by Jem Weston

Thank you to everyone whose been giving the Hexi Blanket love over on Instagram, to everyone who has bought the Hexi pattern and to everyone who has voted on Love Knitting. You make me very happy!

Your vote only counts over on the Love Knitting website… so if you’d like to vote for Hexi just follow these instructions:

  1. Click here to see the nominees.
  2. Scroll down to the Hexi Blanket.
  3. Give it a heart!

You might need to register with Love knitting if you haven’t already.

The Hexi Blanket is one of my favourite patterns. It originates from the Hexi Coasters & Placemats in Cute Comfort Knits and with so many gorgeous shades in the Rowan Summerlite DK palette – I couldn’t resist making the hexis into a blanket!

Cute Comfort Knits by Jem Weston | Hexi Coasters & Placemats

I knitted most of the blanket in the garden last summer during the heatwave. It was so lovely knitting in the dappled shade with the cats while planning our wedding playlist. I feel like I knitted all of the happiness, sunshine and disco tunes into the Hexi Blanket!

I can’t wait until it’s working in the garden weather again!

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