Bullet Journal

I’ve been looking back through my blogs trying to work out when I started keeping a Bullet Journal and I’m still not sure – maybe two years? Anyway… I still LOVE it and I wanted to share a new layout I’ve been using that’s working really well for me.

I don’t know if my Filofax would technically count as a bullet journal – but I like being able to move pages around, keep sections within dividers and remove pages I no longer need without it getting messy. I still use A5 notepads for designing and they slot nicely in the front.

My Filofax is divided into five sections: Diary, Work, Home (meal planning, crop rotation etc), Contacts and Info. The work section is by far the most used and has morphed into a work/life hybrid with yearly, monthly and weekly planners.

Don’t you just love a planner before you’ve filled it with lots of to-do’s?!

I’ve been using the above layout for a good few months and I feel like it gives me a good balance. I don’t have an overwhelming amount on my weekly list but I’m motivated to get it all done because I can see an overview of what I need to do for the rest of the month. I use the monthly layout as more of a master list of what I will focus on each week with the weekly plan going into a lot more detail.

Some of my work involves sitting at a desk and some doesn’t. By dividing my weekly plan into ‘office’ and ‘make/do’ I tend to give myself a better balance each day between time at my desk and time spent making. Having a section for ‘life’ on both plans means that I also keep track of the weeks or days where I have a lot on outside of work.

My favourite thing about my new weekly layout is the colour coding! In Courtney Carver’s Soulful Simplicity book she talks about having a master list and just picking three things off it each day. Around the same time I saw a post on Instagram (I think it was by Joanne Hawker) saying that she colours in three things on her to-do list so that she’s just focusing on those three things – I loved that idea!

I use my days list at the edge of the page as a mini diary and also as a colour-code for what I’m planning to do each day. I might only colour in one thing per day or I might colour in ten… it depends how big the jobs are! But it helps me to think about my priorities, what is realistic to do in a day and to focus on one thing at a time.

I also often have an ‘It can wait’ list. Those non-urgent jobs that will become urgent at some point and creep onto the planners!

Are you a Bujo lover?

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