Me Made May 2019

It’s almost Me Made May time! I wasn’t sure whether to take part this year for a couple of reasons: Firstly, my me-made wardrobe (and wardrobe in general) has changed very little since last year and secondly… I hate taking photos of myself!

But then I thought about how much I enjoyed taking part last year and decided just to go for it – so here’s my pledge…

‘I, Jem Weston, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item per day during May 2019’

The issue of my wardrobe not having changed much since last May is actually a positive thing. I stepped away from the “fast fashion” culture a long time ago – but sometimes it’s difficult to ignore the societal pressure to buy more stuff and constantly be striving for the next new thing. So when I contemplated sharing my outfits every day for a month I immediately thought “I have nothing new and I wear the same things all the time!”.

But I’m actually really proud of having less stuff, getting more value from the clothes I do have and being more considerate of the huge impact the fashion industry has on people and our planet. If you want to know more about this I would highly recommend watching The True Cost.

Slow fashion is just that… slow. So I’ve added very few new handmade garments to my wardrobe since last May and it’s taking ALL my willpower not to shift my shopping urges over to fabric and yarn!

I’ve been living with a capsule wardrobe of 60 items plus limited bags, shoes, underwear, nightwear and jewellery for over a year now and I’m being very strict with my one-in one-out rule so I’ve only bought a few things… and that’s mostly been underwear.

But… I still don’t wear everything in my wardrobe. So I’m hoping that Me Made May will help me to re-discover the things I’m not wearing much, encourage me to make alterations to a couple of things that aren’t quite right and motivate me to sew up my wedding cardigan!

I will be sharing my outfits over on Instagram and Facebook throughout May. And as for not liking taking pictures of myself… I’ll just have to get creative!

Who’s joining in?

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