Pallet Shelves

Project house re-juj is in full swing! We had glorious weather over the Easter weekend so I finished waxing our new cabinet and built some shelves in the sunshine.

After taking apart an old pallet I acquired from my neighbour, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wood and how lovely it looked when sanded down and waxed. I decided it would be perfect for some shelving in our utility room.

I’m rubbish at taking photos while I’m doing DIY. Partly because my hands are messy, but mostly because I’m having too much fun and I forget! So I did a lot in between the last and the next photo…

There was a fair amount of making it up as I went along, but I worked out the size beforehand based on what we would be keeping on the shelves, the space we have and also the lengths of the planks. I even used my set square!

I made the top shelf deeper because this is where we’ll be storing our garden bench cushions… it looks a bit odd without the cushions on it.

The finishing touches were a cross brace at the back to make it sturdier and of course… wax!

It’s exactly what we need and there’s even space for more stuff if needed – I think my yoga mat will fit on the top shelf as well.

After waxing I started to wonder I preferred the pale wood… but it matches the cabinet it will be sitting next to and I think the dark wood will look lovely against the new blue walls (when we paint them…).

The wood really does look gorgeous and rustic!

I bought some more wax and one piece of wood for the cross brace – but apart from that the whole thing is made from a reclaimed pallet and bits & bobs I already had.

I can’t wait to get paint on the walls and get everything back in! Did you do any bank holiday DIY?

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