Everywhere I turn at the moment I’m surrounded by beautiful crochet! I’m looking forward to picking up my hook and working on my crochet skills once I’ve knitted my Esme cardigan.

I’ve never been tempted to crochet a garment before – granny square/hexi blankets normally keep me happy. But when I saw Water Clover by Isa Catepillán in Pom Pom Quarterly a few months ago I fell in love!

I originally saw Constance Caddell’s version of Water Clover on Instagram and she is continuing to inspire me, having now also made a gorgeous version of Aster from Filigree by Marie Wallin.

Then, last weekend, I was lucky enough to work alongside the lovely Emma Varnam and her Crocheted Succulents at Black Sheep Wools Yarn Shop Day.

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that despite being a keen gardener… I regularly kill succulents! Our house is quite dark and I think I just give them too much love but not enough sun! So crocheted succulents might be the way forward for me.

And then to top it off-Eleanor from Knit Nottingham made this lovely jumper! I love the detail on the back – which I didn’t actually notice until I saw it in person despite her clever mirror pic on Instagram!

The pattern was designed for King Cole by the talented Zoe Halstead who works at Knit Nottingham. And Eleanor gave me some details on her version below…

“I did it in a yarn called Belmonte by Rosarios4 who are a Portugese company – this will be on the website soon. It’s a DK weight 50% organic cotton, 50% organic wool and £4.00 a ball and took about 8 balls – I’m 42″ ish bust. Really gorgeous.

I then dyed the yarn with acid dyes. I mixed up the dyes with barely any pigment and loads of water so it smooshed into itself, then I left it for a few minutes so the colours could really blend and then I microwaved it to buggery. The dye won’t take to the cotton so I imagine the first time I wash it it’ll all come out of that and hopefully stay on the wool. That was the idea anyway.”

Thanks for sharing Eleanor! Who else is in the mood for a bit of crochet now?!

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