Llama Trekking

We chose not to have a gift list for our wedding as we didn’t need any more “stuff” and we didn’t want anyone to feel obliged to buy us a gift. So we were blown away by the thoughtfulness and generosity of our lovely family and friends.

As well as gorgeous plants & paintings and money towards our honeymoon – we received lots of experience vouchers including a day trekking with llamas!

So last weekend we traveled down to Catanger Llamas, prepared for all eventualities with sunglasses and waterproof jackets – and had a lovely sunny trek with our new friend Yarrow the llama.

Yarrow was definitely the most nervous of the group. He let us stroke him while we were standing still and close to him – but whenever I reached out to touch him while we were on the move he would just stop walking. He was also terrified of my zip and velcro when I took my coat off!

After walking through beautiful countryside with Yarrow we went to visit the gorgeous mums and crias.

Llamas (like alpaca) give birth early in the day so that the cria will be dry by nightfall.

Spot the random alpaca in the above pics?

Both llamas and alpaca are domesticated breeds of camelid. While alpaca are mostly used for their soft fleece, llamas were bred as pack animals and make excellent guard or companion animals for livestock.

Llamas have two coats of fleece – a protective coat and a softer one underneath. They are sheared approx every other year and the stronger protective fleece can be used for things such as rope while the softer layer can be used for spinning into yarn as per alpaca fleece.

We had such a great day and I would highly recommend a visit if you like a good walk and hanging out with camelids!

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