Me Made May 2019 – debrief!

Me Made May is over for another year!

I felt like I was cheating a little bit because I decided to plan outfits and take pictures in advance… but it worked out really well. Having a phone full of images of outfit options made deciding what to wear easy because I could just scroll through and choose an outfit – knowing it included something me-made.

Taking the time to do this beforehand meant that I found some new outfit combinations that I might not have thought of if I was rushing a quick mirror selfie each day.

And of course – it was a relief not having to take daily selfies… particularly when wearing my “home office pj’s”.

My aims for Me Made May 2019 were:

To rediscover things I’ve not been wearing much.

I have definitely rediscovered my Trapeze dresses! I’d been feeling like they were a bit too tent-like – mostly because I made them in quilting cotton and I think a finer fabric would be better suited. I was planning to take them in a bit, but I actually really enjoyed wearing them and they’re super comfy – so I’ll just be wearing them more often!

To find motivation to sew up my wedding cardigan.

Done! Just need to find the perfect buttons…

To make alterations to a couple of things that aren’t quite right.

This for me has been the best thing about this years challenge. Although I’ve not actually had time to do all the alterations – I have made decisions about a few things that have been sitting unworn for a while because they either don’t fit me or the shape isn’t flattering.

I have a few garments that are difficult to part with because I love the fabric! So I’m going to dissect them and make new skirts and tops. And I started with my favourite Cath Kidson dress which was literally bursting at the seams!

I hope you all had a lovely Me Made May x

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