Mini Digital Detox

If you’re reading this on Sunday – I’m not contactable because I’m on a mini digital detox!

Snuggle Socks from Cute Comfort Knits by Jem Weston

Over the last year I’ve got into some really good habits with my phone usage. Spending less time browsing social media and switching off my phone before (or sometimes just after) my evening meal and not switching it on again until the following morning.

However… habits slip. When I’m really busy I find it particularly difficult to stick to my new habits – partly because I feel guilty for not being contactable or not replying to emails straight away, but also because I just want to browse Pinterest! But busy times are when I’m most in need of the evening switch off.

My morning habits have also slipped a bit. I try to start each day with a walk, but recently I’ve been switching my phone on as soon as I get up… then I get distracted, waste time and often end up skipping my walk. Not good!

I’m amazed by the technology we have these days and certainly wouldn’t want to be without it, but I’m also very aware of the negative impact it has on mental health, self-esteem and sleep if we don’t use it sensibly.

So this weekends detox is about pressing the re-set button. Reminding myself that nothing terrible happens if I’m off the radar for a couple of days. Breaking the bad phone habits that are creeping up on me and making the time to knit, walk, garden and cuddle the cats – all activities which are far more beneficial to my mental and physical health than passively scrolling through my phone!

Why not join me? Maybe leave your phone at home while you go for a walk, switch it to flight mode for an afternoon… or go full detox and switch it off for the day!

2 thoughts on “Mini Digital Detox

  1. Yes! I couldn’t agree more. I have been stressing the need for just this to my husband and children. We recently moved and have not installed internet or TV. I have found it to be soothing and now I am questioning what should we have. Lol. Thank you for sharing!

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