A Decade of Gardening

I was sorting some old paperwork recently and came across the estate agents images from when I bought my little house ten years ago.

I still had a pretty clear memory of how the house looked inside – but the garden images really surprised me so I thought you might like to see some ‘then and now’ images!

Apologies for the quality of the ‘then’ images… they’re photos of photos.

Back garden

I tried to get a photo from roughly the same angle but it’s almost unrecognisable! The steps and patio have made such a big difference and the top part of the garden (where we get the sun) is much more usable.

I remember it not really feeling like my garden for the first few years. Now that it’s a bit overgrown it’s definitely more me!

Front garden

Digging up the front lawn was one of the first things I did! We’re so lucky to have both a front and back garden so that I can have a separate fruit and veg patch.

It’s a fraction of the size of your average allotment but it’s a very productive space. The paths and raised bed frames which I put in earlier this year have made it a lot more practical. Everything’s growing like mad but I can still just about find the paths!

And of course the most important thing is that we have lots of sunbathing areas and shady spots for the cats!

4 thoughts on “A Decade of Gardening

    1. Yay – do a veg patch! If you dig up the lawn in squares and leave the turf upside down to die off then dig it in… it’s great for the soil. Then start with spuds to break up the earth. You know you want to 🙂


  1. Really impressive Jem! mine is 9 years on and a wild jungle of plants rather than the concrete slabs. I must find the photos too. My ‘front’ garden is a small weed on the pavement by the doorstep 🙂


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