AW19 Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been having a little look at the new Rowan collections and thinking about how my faves would fit into my capsule wardrobe. I haven’t mentioned capsule wardrobes on here much recently… because I feel like mine has run away from me a bit!

I’m in a rut of feeling like I have nothing to wear (particularly when the weather is extreme) but I don’t have time to “make” the wardrobe I want all in one go.

Having broken my fast fashion shopping habits – I don’t want to slip back into having more clothes than I need, having clothes I don’t wear or buying garments that are unsustainable/unethical on impulse. But it’s really difficult being disciplined!

What I do really need is time. Time to make things and (in the meantime) time to shop sensibly for items I don’t have time to make! I want to spend my money in good places (any tips on UK based ethical and sustainable shops would be most welcome!) and make sure garments will fit into my wardrobe and last for years.

So while I’m planning my dream wardrobe… it’s the perfect time to see where the knitwear gaps are and plan some new projects! Here are a few things from the new Mode at Rowan collection that I think would work beautifully in my capsule wardrobe…

002 Cardigan in Kid Classic by Martin Storey.

014 Sweater in Kid Classic by Georgia Farrell.

016 Sweater in Alpaca Soft DK by Georgia Farrell.

Aren’t they lovely?! Are you working on your winter wardrobe yet?


8 thoughts on “AW19 Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Hi Jemma, I will start the ribbed alpaca soft dk sweater once the weather starts to cool down a bit! I only knit with cotton when it is hot.


  2. I am so excited for autumn and winter clothing, especially since autumn is my favourite season. In the past week I have been evaluating my clothes and have done some thrift shopping as well as a stop at a local clothing store. Best of luck in filling your wardrobe gaps!


    1. I really need to make more use of our local charity shops – we have lots of them! I’ve also started dissecting some clothes that don’t fit me so I can make other things with the fabric. So excited about autumn coming! 🙂


  3. We have a Sue Ryder Vintage shop here in Norwich and I find that easier to shop than the regular charity shops. I did really well with my autumn/winter wardrobe last year and don’t need to add anything because I will be wearing a uniform in my new job. My spring/summer wardrobe is my problem because I ran out of money before I could work on it. That’s one for next year.


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