Minimalism 2019

It’s been almost three years since I was inspired to make some life changes after watching the Minimalism documentary!

I always knew that de-cluttering our home would be the first step I needed to take before making other changes… I just wasn’t 100% sure when I started the process what those other changes would be.

I’m happy to say that as of last weekend – we have finished minimising our home! It’s still an ongoing process and we’ll continue to let go of things that are no longer needed or loved and to think carefully about anything new coming into the home.

I’ve done big Marie Kondo style clear-outs in the past, but inevitably things crept back in or items ended up out of sight because it was too difficult to make a decision then and there.

This time things are different. Doing the clear-out process slowly and thoroughly over a few years means that we have looked at every single item in the house and made a considered decision. We know that everything that has stayed is either used, needed and/or loved. That’s a nice feeling!

I have no idea how much ‘stuff’ we’ve cleared out, but I would estimate that I’ve thrown out/donated/sold/gifted about 75% of my belongings over the last few years. I feel a lot lighter!

The house overall doesn’t feel that different… we’re not living in empty rooms. But it’s a bit more spacious as we’ve given away a few bits of furniture – mostly shelves that were no longer needed and it generally feels tidier and less cluttered. I won’t share pictures… because (now that we’ve finished minimising) we’re giving the house some love and re-decorating a few rooms. That means we currently have worktops and a sink on the floor in the living room and it’s not very photogenic!

So… what’s changed?

Embracing minimalism and working through all my ‘stuff’ has made me painfully aware of the lack of consideration I have given in the past to where I spend my time and money and the impact those choices have on people and our planet.

We live in a consumerist society where we’re constantly encouraged to want more, but minimalisim has made me a lot more considered in my choices.

Over the last few years I have made some positive changes to my lifestyle in the interest of reducing waste and lowering my impact on the environment. There’s still a lot I want to learn and do, but I wanted to share some of the changes I’ve already made with you!

It’s too much for one blog so I’m going to divide it up and share my ponderings throughout November on: Fashion/Clothes, Food and Health & Beauty.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and tips as well!



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