Made Six 2019

Earlier this year I chose my ‘Make Nine 2019‘ – The nine garments/accessories that I planned to make for myself this year. As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this blog… I didn’t make nine!

Of the items I had planned, I only actually finished two – some mitts and my wedding cardigan… both of which I started making in 2018! I’ve also finished knitting my Esme cardigan but as we’ve been doing work to the house I haven’t had the space for blocking (which I want to do before I finish sewing her up).

I also made a few things which weren’t on my Make Nine 2019 plan so this is my Made Six 2019…

Considering I also did all the knitting for Cosy Alpaca Knits this year – I think I did okay!

I’ve decided to be a bit more vague with my Make Nine plan for 2020. For example – I might plan to sew a summer dress but not choose a specific pattern until I’m ready to make it. This might be breaking some rules! But I think it will help me to stay focused on my Make Nine projects without feeling restricted.

Have you looked back at your 2019 makes?

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