Cosy Cardigan – New Sizes

The Cosy Cardigan in Cosy Alpaca Knits is my first self-published garment pattern and I decided to keep it simple with just two sizes – Small: measuring approx. 130cm (51 1/4in) bust and Large: measuring approx 150cm (59in) bust.

Cosy Cardigan by Jem Weston

A friend pointed out to me that if someone with a large bust wanted to knit the Cosy Cardigan, they wouldn’t have the same amount of ease as someone with a smaller bust. She’s absolutely right and I really should have allowed for a generous ease on a larger size.

The cardigan is designed to be worn with between 25cm (10in) and 50cm (19 3/4in) ease – depending on how relaxed you want the fit to be. Therefore the Small would work for an 80cm (31 1/2in) bust to a 105cm (41in) bust and the Large for a 100cm (39 1/2in) to 125cm (49 1/4in) bust… so not really that generous.

This is a total oversight on my part and huge apologies to anyone who felt excluded by the sizing in the pattern. I have been working on two new sizes for the Cosy Cardigan and any garments I design in the future will be made to fit up to at least a 152cm (60in) bust, with ease on top of that.

The new sizes will be included in any future reprints of Cosy Alpaca Knits and I will also be changing the sizes to letters. Small will become Size A, Large will become Size B and I will be adding in Sizes C & D.

Size C will measure approx. 170cm (67in) actual bust – to fit from 120cm (47 1/4in) to 145cm (57in) bust.

Size D will measure approx. 190cm (74 3/4in) actual bust – to fit from 140cm (55in) to 165cm (65in) bust.

Sizes C & D will also be slightly longer from collar to hem with a slightly deeper sleeve.

Cosy Cardigan by Jem Weston

I’m afraid there isn’t a simple addendum that I can share here as I’m fully incorporating the new sizes into the pattern, but if you own a copy of Cosy Alpaca Knits and would like details of the new sizes – please get in touch via my contact page.

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