Working From Home

There’s an overwhelming amount of advice online at the moment about how to work from home. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been falling into the comparison trap of feeling like I’m not doing things “right” or not being productive enough… so it was time to have a stern word with myself!

I’ve been working from home for years. Some days/weeks are better/more productive than others. I’ve learnt to remind myself regularly that I’m not a robot and that it’s important to take down-time to process things and reflect on how I’m feeling

If (like me) you’re struggling to focus at the moment or you’re not feeling as energised and productive as usual… don’t beat yourself up! At the moment there is so much information to process that we need to allow ourselves the head-space to do so, and some extra time to feel all the feelings. 

This does mean that I’m running behind on the new patterns I was planning to launch in April… sorry about that! But don’t forget that there’s still 50% off all of my existing Ravelry patterns at the moment to help you keep you’re hands busy (no code required).

One of the things that’s really helping me to clear my head and maintain a routine at the moment is jogging. Of course I’m doing this on quiet roads and keeping my distance if I see anyone. I’ve never been a natural runner and can’t quite believe how much I’m enjoying it… but I think Couch to 5k is genius. I’ve just completed week 5 of 9… wish me luck!

I thought I’d share my jogging playlist with you. It’s approx half an hour of uplifting bouncy tunes with nice gentle warm-up and cool-down tracks. It would also definitely be suitable for a kitchen disco!

Stay home and stay well please x

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