Back in May I noticed that my Monstera plant had little knobbly elbows and wondered whether they might form roots if I took cuttings.

After a good start in life where it seemed to enjoy the warm and humid environment of our bathroom (we can’t turn the radiator off in there…) the plant had started looking a bit sad and messy.

So after a little search on Pinterest I took the plunge and took three cuttings. I cut them just below the knobbly elbow bits and I’ve kept them in water in clear vases away from direct sunlight.

Pinterest told me to not change the water – just top it up if needed. And over the last couple of months the knobbles have turned into nice fat roots and baby roots are growing from the main roots.

I’m loving doing this in clear vases so I can see what’s happening!

I’m not sure what to do next… do they look ready to plant on yet?

The other thing that’s making me really happy is that the mother plant is recovering! She started sending up little shoots and now has some gorgeous fresh leaves.

Isn’t nature amazing?! And speaking of nature… I’m hosting another virtual garden fest over on Instagram next weekend (weather allowing). I hope you’ll join in!

6 thoughts on “Cuttings

  1. How fun! I am always rooting the stems I prune from my plants. So, when a plant is showing stress, a gentle prune is good because the plant doesn’t have to work so hard getting energy out to all those limbs. Also, with some plants like yours that have little nodes that root, you can anchor it down in a smaller pot and let it root in soil along side the mother plant. Once it starts growing on its own, you can snip it from the parent. This is great for spider plants! Also, you don’t want to leave your new plants in water too long because the plant needs to start growing dirt roots, which are different than water roots. I would say your specimen is ready for a pot.
    I love geeking out over plants


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