My friend recently shared this video on Instagram and I think it’s a great break down of what might be happening internally and why we may be feeling “all over the place”!

I personally found it comforting to watch and to know that I’m not the only one whose been struggling with motivation and focus (resulting in a frightening loss of knitting mojo).

Now that restrictions have been relaxed, we’re all getting used to a new-normal. I’m personally settling into a new routine, which is helping me to regain focus and get excited about work again.

But returning to “normal” looks different for everyone – some people have been desperate to go to the pub and get a hair cut whilst others really don’t feel ready to mix with others indoors. We’ll all move at different paces and that’s fine.

I think that those of us who aren’t feeling ready to do certain things might feel under pressure to justify why. But maybe part of our new normal should be to always check in with friends and family to find out what they’re comfortable with and ensure they know what we’re happy with. Having that conversation in advance creates the opportunity to change plans/venues if necessary.

The other day at the park, one of my friends was showing another friend a photo and asked if they were okay with holding his phone. It gave them the opportunity to say no if they were worried about touching it and then not being able to wash their hands. It was a small thing – but really respectful and excellent post-lockdown etiquette in my opinion!

I hope you’re all doing okay in your new normals. And if, like me, you’ve been struggling with motivation and knitting mojo… I’m sending positive creative vibes!

One thought on “New-normal

  1. This was very nicely stated. I think it would be beneficial for us to take stock in what we should bring with us to the new ‘normal’. Like you said, taking time to ask and consider others prior to making decisions that may affect them too. Thank you for the creative vibes. I am lacking a solid knitting success lately.

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