Summer 2021 planning

I’m not wishing time away and definitely not ready for this summer to be over… but I always think that late summer is a great time to assess this year and to plan ahead for next.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my summer wardrobe and what I want to make before next summer. This summer, more than ever before, has been about comfort! My most worn items have been: two dresses which have elasticated waistbands, my Burnt top with an old favourite skirt (which has an elasticated waistband), my Alder shirt dress, my Peony dress and loose tops with denim shorts for walking.

Sewing-wise – I’m currently trying to re-create one of my elasticated waistband dresses and I definitely want to make another Alder. On the knitting side of things – I really want to make some more cotton summer tops… but there’s so many I want to knit I haven’t chosen which yet!

Above: Eventide by Inyoung Kim from Pom Pom Magazine 30, Place in the Sun by Sarah Hatton from Simply Knitting issue 174 (June ’18) and Soleie Shell by Skeindeer.

I’ve also been having fun planning my 2021 veg patch. It’s the second summer since I changed the layout of my garden and it’s been so much more productive! I’m making some tweaks based on what’s working and what’s not and will be doing more companion planting to help with pests.

I just love this time of year where I can nip out to the front garden and dig up/pick what we’re having for tea. It’s the best!

Are you thinking ahead to next summer?!

3 thoughts on “Summer 2021 planning

  1. I am not thinking ahead to next summer yet…We have done so much work around the yard and I am loving it. It wouldn’t hurt for me to sit down and plan some fall clean-up to make spring gardening easier. I have discovered ornamental grasses and I LOVE THEM!!! (totally random thought, I know)
    Stay well, Jem!! xoxoxo

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