Blog Survey

The Jem Weston blog started in February 2014… that means I have written a blog every week for over six years and this is my 319th blog!

When I first started writing, I had just the blog, Pinterest and a Facebook page. Over the years my online business has grown to include Instagram, Twitter, an online shop, Ravelry and Love Knitting pattern shops, a monthly newsletter and a YouTube channel (which I don’t really use because I’m far too awkward on camera!).

My blog remains one of my favourite ways to share my love of creating and it makes me really happy that so many of you read it!

I’m thinking about doing a bit of streamlining – perhaps dropping Twitter as I’m not very active over there and possibly changing the regularity of my blogs and newsletters… but before I make any changes, I have compiled a survey and would love your feedback please!

Please click below to complete the survey. There are 8 questions regarding how you read my blog, what information and updates you like to see where and how often. It should only take a couple of minutes to complete – I really appreciate your time.

Jem Weston Blog Survey

Thank you! x

Blog Birthday


I’ve now been writing a blog every week for two years!

After my initial concerns that I wouldn’t be able to think of enough things to talk about – I’ve grown to really love it, and can’t remember the last time I was stuck for something to write about! I find that many knitters share my love of ‘making stuff’, whether that’s knitting, crochet, sewing, diy, jewellery making, pottery or rag rugging – we’re a practical and creative bunch and I love sharing my craft and making with you!

Occasionally I have an idea for a blog that’s a bit wordy and would perhaps work better as a video blog where you can get more across in a short time. I love watching the Knit Nottingham vlogs and joined Eleanor last year on a vlog about my Dice Cowl pattern.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought and I decided that starting a Youtube channel would be my new challenge for 2016!

After a few attempts as setting up a camera to film myself in a professional manner – I decided to use the webcam on my laptop instead! It’s so difficult to record yourself when you can’t actually see what your doing – and a bit disconcerting sitting in an empty room talking to a camera! Although it’s a bit blurry – I immediately felt more relaxed using the webcam, as I could see it at the same time as recording and felt more like I was talking to someone.

My first series of videos are about my new book – The Knitted Nursery Collection, with information about the yarns used in the projects and how they’re constructed. Yarn packs and knit kits for some of the projects are now available from my shop!

Here’s the first first vlog of five, and if you want to see them all – just pop over to my YouTube channel here.

Happy birthday blog & welcome to my world vlogs! x

New year!

wpid-img_20141216_143459.jpgMy big project in 2013 was my living room (still work in progress!) and my big project for 2014 was to start a blog.

I’ve been blogging for nearly a year now! Before I started – I made the decision to do one blog per week, which posts on a Sunday. I thought this was a manageable amount for me to do and hopefully wouldn’t bombard you with too much to read!

At the start I found it a bit difficult to think of the things to say. I would often think that things weren’t interesting enough to write about. But the proof is in the pudding and some of my most simple blogs have been the most popular- such as Making Friends by Making Things and Doily Lampshade Fun! (because who doesn’t want to make a lampshade out of doilies?)

I find it particularly difficult to blog when I’m working on secret projects such as the John Lewis Monty & Mabel knit kit. If I’m busy working away on something, I really want to share it – but I’m not always allowed! So if I’m suddenly blogging a lot about my veg patch, there’s probably something exciting going on in the background (or it might just be a quiet month).

As the year has gone on, I’ve found it easier to decide what I want to write about and I’ve really enjoyed taking the time to share what I’ve been making and to see what you’re making as well. One of my favourite things about this blog is that I don’t feel restricted to one subject or medium because it all loops back to my love of knitting!

So thank-you for following my blog and thanks for your comments – especially when I made the jump and gave up the day job in July! I’m looking forward to another year of designing, making, workshopping and blogging and I hope to meet some of you along the way!

Happy 2015 x