Burnt by Kim Hargreaves

I finished a thing! I’ve been fitting it in around other things but the actual knitting time was really quick.

I’ve had this Rowan Cotton Glace for ages so I’m really excited to have finally used it. The pattern is Burnt by Kim Hargreaves from Indigo and I love the simplicity of the shape.

The darts created by decreasing and increasing within the rib give a really flattering fit – but I had to make some alterations. I started working from the medium size then added in extra decreases at the edges so from the waist upwards it’s worked as the small size. I’m so happy with how that worked out – it fits perfectly!

I do love a keyhole at the back… and I happened to have a button in the perfect shade of green which was lucky. I’m tempted to make a cropped version that sits on the waist – maybe next summer!

Thanks again Constance for motivating me with your Kim Hargreaves knit-along!

Yarn provided by Rowan.

Summer Tops

It’s August… and that means that Rowan have launched their lovely new Autumn/Winter collections! Although I’m looking forward to Autumn (always) I’m not going to share my top picks with you yet because I’m feeling much too summery.

I’ve become very aware this summer that I don’t have many clothes to wear when it’s really hot. I have very few strappy dresses or tops and those I do have are either too warm (ie- not breathable fabric) or rather worn and tired.

So I’m on a mission to make as many summer tops as I can before the weather turns cooler and I get distracted by wool and cosy cardigans.

I have a vest top which is a good size and shape for me – so I’ve traced the pattern and I’m planning to make three new versions. One in some leftover teal fabric from my petal sleeved Scout Tee, one using fabric from an old dress that shrunk and doesn’t fit and a third in some rather beautiful Liberty Lawn.

Of course – if I make the first and don’t like it I’ll go back to the drawing board and use a proper pattern!

I also kept seeing gorgeous versions of the Ripple Bralette by Jessie Mae pop up on Instagram and I’ve fallen in love with it!

Above: @a.beagan.handmade @yarn_bard @aleichiaknits

I’m trying to whizz through knitting my Kim Hargreaves Burnt top so that I can cast on a Ripple Bralette and hopefully get that done before the end of summer too!

Which knitting season are you in?!


Kim Hargreaves Knit-along (with Stitching Over The Days)

If you’ve been following me for a while then you will know that I LOVE Kim Hargreaves patterns! Most of the garments I knit for myself are Kim’s and I know a lot of you are fans too.

I was very excited to hear that Constance Caddell of Stitching Over the Days is running a Kim Hargreaves KAL from Jul 1st (sorry if you’ve missed the begining!) to Dec 31st. There will be various give-aways, but it’s mostly just a great chance for us Kim fans to share what we’re working on, exchange tips and have a nosy at other peoples Kim knits!

There is more info on the knit-along here and there are a few hashtags you can follow on Instagram #SOTDKHAlong #SOTDKimHargreavesAlong #kimhargreavesalong

I’m planning to complete at least two Kim garments before the end of the year and had a bit of a head start because both were on the needles before July 1st. I’m catching up on some work knitting at the moment but can’t wait to get back to these!

Esme Cardigan

I’ve finished the back and fronts so just the sleeves to do (… and it needs a good block!).

Burnt Top

I’ve made some changes to the pattern because it’s quite fitted and has negative ease.

The small would’ve been too tight around the tummy/hips and the medium too loose around the bust… so I’ve started with the medium and added gradual shaping at the sides (as well as the darts worked in the rib) so the top section is roughly the same as the small. Hopefully it’ll fit!

It didn’t take long to knit the front so hopefully I’ll have time to finish it before my holiday in September.

Thanks for the motivation Constance!

Hexi Pouffe

Thank you to everyone who came to say hello at Woolfest!

For those of you who weren’t there – you might not have seen my new Hexi Pouffe pattern…

Hexi Pouffe by Jem Weston

The Hexi Pouffe is knitted in Rowan Handknit Cotton with lovely fluffy Alpaca Classic pom poms. The hexis are knitted in the round and the side panel is knitted flat.Hexi Pouffe by Jem Weston

You can find out more about the Hexi Pouffe and buy the pattern now on both my Ravelry and Love Knitting pattern shops. Or click below to buy now via Ravelry:

Hexi Pouffe pattern: £3.50 – Buy now

Hexi Pouffe by Jem Weston

Happy Knitting!

Yarn provided by Rowan Yarns.

Make Nine 2019 – Progress Report

Someone posted about their Make Nine 2019 on Instagram this week and I realised that I couldn’t even remember what was on mine! So it’s a good time to see if I’m on track and give a progress report!

So far this year I have ticked off my new mitts and my wedding cardigan

And yes… there was some cheating because I started making both of those things in 2018! But I’ve been super busy working on my new book which will launch later this year – so selfish making time has been extremely scarce.

I’ve made pretty good progress with my Esme cardigan too – I’ve finished the back and fronts – so it’s just the sleeves to do. It’s so fluffy!!

I should be cracking on with this now… but you know when you’re not in the mood to knit anything that you have on the needles and just want the excitement of casting on something new? Well that happened… so I cast on Burnt by Kim Hargreaves.

It’s not even on my Make Nine list. I’ve gone completely rogue! We’ve booked a holiday for later this year and I just fancied making something summery that I could realistically finish before we go away. I’m having to adjust the pattern a bit for my shape so hopefully it will work out!

I’ve also made a little bit of progress on the Peony Dress. I made a toile for the bodice (blending sizes) but I still need some help getting the fit right. Some of my friends have been going to classes and sewing clinics at Sewing Belle and I’ve been inspired by the lovely things they’re making. I’m hoping to join them soon and rediscover my sewjo!

How are your 2019 makes going?

Lilac by Kim Hargreaves (my wedding cardigan!)

Well it was only seven months late for the wedding… but I finally finished my cardigan!

It still doesn’t have buttons… I did buy some, but they’re a bit weddingy. I’d like some simple mother of pearl ones but haven’t found the right thing yet. It doesn’t have buttonholes anyway as you put the buttons through the eyelets so I think it looks okay without.

It’s really nice having a cardigan in this colour! It feels really summery and goes with everything. As it’s cotton – I can always dye it if it starts to look grubby (which it inevitably will).

It fits really nicely and the length is great with most of my summery clothes – but I think I was right that it wouldn’t have worked with the shape of my wedding top. Good job we had a heatwave last year!

It was a a pain in the bum to knit, but I think it was worth it. It’s knitted on 2.25mm & 2.75mm needles so I decided to use metal needles… and confirmed that tiny metal needles and cotton yarn with no stretch are a very bad combination if you have wrist/hand/elbow pain!

The pattern is Lilac from Breeze by Kim Hargreaves and I knitted it in Rowan Summerlite 4ply. The book is now out of print – but there is a similar cardigan (Tally) in her more recent book Sway.

I have some gorgeous coral Summerlite 4ply and really want to knit Tally as well… but I definitely need to pace myself with tiny needle/lace pattern/cotton knitting!

Knit Dreaming!

I’m so busy with secret work knitting (I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on) that I haven’t had any time at all for selfish knitting!

So of course I’ve been dreaming about what I want to knit when I have a bit more time over the summer… and, as usual, I’ve been drifting towards some lovely Kim Hargreaves designs.

Kim has just launched her new book Sand and I’m really loving Sandy and Buff.

Buff has a scoop neck at the back and could be worn either way around. They’re lovely simple patterns that would be perfect to relax with when I’m less busy!

I’m also a little bit in love with a couple of things from Kim’s previous book Form.

I might have enough Kidsilk Haze left over from my cardigan to knit Mode

And I might just have to invest in some Alpaca Classic to knit Shape.

But first things first – I have a few more weeks of intense work knitting before I can give my wrists a brief rest and then finish my Esme cardigan!

What are you knitting?

New Mitts

I’ve finished one of my #makenine2019 projects already! To be fair… I did most of the knitting in 2018 – but it still feels good.

I’ve been meaning to knit some new mitts for ages. I wear them all the time from the first signs of Autumn through to cool Spring days and I wanted to replace my fingerless mitts with these so that I can cover my fingers on particularly cold days.

It’s quick and easy to flip the covers back when I need my fingers free so they’re perfect for when I’m in and out of shops.

I used 4ply yarn from Gamer Crafting which I had intended to knit socks with, but it was lovely for these and should be nice and hard-wearing. I might have enough left over for some small trainer socks!

I’ve been doing a lot of pattern writing recently so it was nice to knit something for myself and just make it up as I went along. But if you’re looking for a similar pattern… my Bobby Hat, Scarf & Mitts pattern features some similar mitts with a cover in Rowan Felted Tweed. The pattern is written for an average size man’s hands but could easily be knitted shorter to fit smaller hands (and narrower if necessary).

Bobby Hat, Scarf & Mitts: £3.50 – buy now

Happy Knitting!

Festive Jumpers

I saw a post from Fahion Revolution on Instagram this week stating that “A jumper is for life, not just for Christmas”. With Christmas Jumper Day looming – they were encouraging people to shop at charity shops instead of buying new. Christmas Jumper Day is aimed at raising money for charity so this is a brilliant way to give twice and reduce waste!

The post was then re-shared by Karie Westerman – encouraging us to knit a “festive” jumper rather than a novelty one. A jumper that can be worn for the whole festive period and will last for years to come. This would definitely make sense with my capsule wardrobe.

I’ve picked my three favourite festive jumpers and hopefully by this time next year I will be wearing one of these!

Having mentioned Karie above – I will start with the wonderful woman herself. Karie recently launched Vinterskov which is a beautifully subtle Christmas jumper. I really wish I could wear mustard! I adore the hair/jumper colour combination – Karie looks fabulous.

I love the snowflake neckline of Etherow by Sarah Hatton. It’s quite an old pattern and the Alpaca Merino DK is now discontinued… but this would be lovely in Felted Tweed!

And finaly we have Stasis from Brooklyn Tweed. I’m trying to add more red, orange and coral into my wardrobe and I love this colour combination. In fact I love everything about this jumper!

Send me your festive jumper pattern suggestions please!