Are you ready for Yarndale?!

I’ve been busy getting ready for Yarndale and I know some of you are as well. I hope your pre-Yarndale knitting is going better than mine… I might be wearing half a cardigan!

From now until Wednesday at 2pm, you can order any of my books to be collected at Yarndale. To remove the postage cost simply enter the code YARNDALE19 at the checkout and I will have it ready for you at the show.

Don’t forget to let me know in the ‘notes’ section if you would like the book to be signed to yourself or someone in particular.

This year I have a double stand – so hopefully you’ll all fit on! You can find me at H109 which is almost directly opposite where we’ve been for the last few years so you should be able to find me easily.

I will be announcing a little Yarndale giveaway in my newsletter this week so make sure you’re signed up!

Yarndale 2017

I had such a wonderful time at Yarndale!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to see us and bought a copies of Cute Comfort Knits, The Knitted Nursery Collection, knit kits and yarn packs. I absolutely loved meeting you all and your support and kind words mean so much to me x

Yarndale 2017_Jem Weston

The Deer cushion pretty much sold out on the first day! But don’t worry – I will be creating more yarn packs for Nottingham Yarn Expo. Haggis Hedgehog & Family also got a lot of love and you can now snap up a yarn pack over on my shop (they’d make great stocking fillers…).

It was lovely chatting with everyone about the Moody Blanket Knit-along! You can read more about it and buy the pattern here, and top-up packs of the yarn are available from my shop here.

I was chuffed with my new hand engraved logo! It’s a bit off-centre and not perfect, but I enjoyed doing a bit of woodwork and I’m now pondering what else I can engrave before giving Dad his Dremel back!

And of course – seeing a coach load of lovely people from Nottingham is always one of the highlights of the show! Everyone was on-brand with their marvellous Knit Nottingham bags designed by the fabulous Nettynot.

A huge thank you to Rosie & Steph for helping me at the show and being wonderful company!

Coming Soon…Yarndale!

September has come round really quickly and I’m really excited about Yarndale!

A lot of you have been asking what I will be selling at this years show so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek so you can plan your shopping!

I will have copies of my new book Cute Comfort Knits and all the samples available for cuddling and squishing. I will be bringing along yarn packs for Haggis Hedgehog & family, Hexi Placemats & Coasters, Snuggle Socks, Smudge the Cat and the Pheasant and Deer Cushions.

Cute Comfort Knits by Jem Weston

I will also have copies of The Knitted Nursery Collection with yarn packs for Ollie & Polly Elephant, Flock Wall Hanging, Ginger Squirrel and the Ginger Blanket.

There will be limited stock of a few old favourite kits

I will have Moody Blanket Yarn available for anyone who needs a top-up…and I will be bringing my Moody Blanket with me so you can see how it’s looking so far.

Hope to see you there!

Yarndale 2016

After having such a marvellous time at Yarndale last year – I was concerned that it might not live up to expectations…but I didn’t need to worry! It was so incredibly busy on the Saturday I barely moved away from my little sheep pen. I met so many lovely people – a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to say hello – it’s so nice to put faces to the names of people I meet via my blog and social media x

Yarndale was a great opportunity to introduce some new kits and patterns and we recruited some more Moody knitters for the knit-along next year (find out more here). I also had some new Triangle Hat kits which sold like hot cakes and my new Bobby Scarf, Hat & Mitts patterns (kits coming later this year).

I bid a very fond farewell to the last of my Winter Animals and Shuggie & Steve Sheep kits. The yarns used in these kits are now discontinued so I won’t be making any more – but if you have the yarn, you can still download Shuggie here and the Winter Animals here.

And obviously I needed to treat myself a bit as well! I wanted some nice new accessories so I bought some lovely Merchant & Mills scissors and a pincushion from Beyond Measure. The pincushion is great because it sits inside a wooden egg, thus covering the pins so that my cats don’t eat them (Splodge would anything!). I also got some beautiful wooden buttons from Textile Garden for my Jamie cardigan which was finished just in time for the show (blog coming soon)! And some very cute knitting earrings from Max’s World.

Another ENORMOUS thank you to Steph (aka Nettynot) for helping me out again. The shows are great fun but are also hard work, so having a friend to help, bounce ideas off and hang out with in the evenings makes it so much more enjoyable! Thanks Steph x

Yarndale Countdown!


We had a fabulous time at Yarndale last year and I can’t wait to be back again!

I know that some of you organised lovelies like to plan your budgets in advance so I thought I would let you know what you can expect to find on my cosy little stand this year. Of course budgets might go to pot as soon as you arrive at Yarndale – but it’s always good to have a plan isn’t it?!

Panda&BigBear_sqPanda and Big Bear will be coming with me and as I have limited stock of the kits – this might be your last chance to buy!

The Panda kit contains all the yarn you need to knit Panda, an oddment of yarn for the nose and mouth, two buttons for eyes and a Panda & Big Bear pattern.

The Big Bear kit contains all the yarn you need to knit Big Bear and his scarf, an oddment of yarn for his nose, mouth and eyes and a Panda & Big Bear pattern.

These kits are not available from my online shop – so please contact me if you would like to buy one to collect at Yarndale.

Triangle hat_FI

I will also have some brand new Triangle Hat kits in two colourways. The Triangle Hat pattern is available to buy here and the kits will be available from my online shop soon.

The Triangle Hat is knitted in the beautiful Fine Rowan Tweed. The yarn was recently discontinued, which means I won’t be able to make more kits – so don’t miss out!

The Knitted Nursery Collection_sq

I will of course have my latest book The Knitted Nursery Collection, along with yarn packs for Ollie or Polly Elephant, Ginger Squirrel, Ginger Blanket and the Flock Wall Hanging.

I am down to my last few copies of my first book Cute Little Knits! So if you have your eye on that, pick one up before it’s too late.

I will also be launching a new addition to my Men’s Collection next weekend, and will be bringing kits along to Yarndale – so keep your eyes peeled for that!

If you fancy a bit more ‘window shopping’ before the event – just pop along to my online shop here.

And last but not least (-drum-roll-) I will be launching my 2017 Knit-Along at Yarndale where you will be able to sign up for a starter pack! I’m really excited about sharing that with you – not long now! x


Dice Cowl

It’s a Friday blog this week folks, instead of my usual Sunday blog – because it’s Yarndale weekend!

I have already introduced you to the Lazy Lace Cowl and Shuggie Sheep – both of these will launch as kits at Yarndale this weekend. So that just leaves the Dice Cowl!


The Dice Cowl pattern is decided by the roll of a dice – giving you a truly random and unique cowl.

DiceCowl1I was inspired by my experience of knitting the Mood Scarf. I wanted to design a pattern that would take away the over-thinking and be random and exciting to knit because you don’t know what’s coming next!

I also wanted it to be something that you can knit at your own pace. You could knit one roll per day or just keep on rolling. I personally got a bit addicted to the roll of the dice – but it’s a fairly healthy way to gamble I think?!

The Dice Cowl is knitted in Kid Classic, Pure Wool Worsted and the beautiful new Hemp Tweed.

Kits will be available at Yarndale for £25 and you can choose from a blue or pink colourway. All packed in a lovely cotton project bag (die included).
But if you can’t make it this weekend you can buy the pattern from Ravelry here.

All the cowls will look different so I would love to see pics of your finished Dice Cowl!

Shuggie Sheep

The countdown to Yarndale begins!

One of the new kits I will be launching at Yarndale is the woolly, cuddly Shuggie Sheep. Knitted in Rowan Fur and Rowan Fine Tweed, he is quick to knit and very soft and squishy!

Many of my toy designs are inspired by yarn colours or textures. As soon as I saw the Rowan Fur I knew I wanted to make a sheep and it really is the perfect sheepy yarn. I love his little fluffy tail!

If you can’t make it along to Yarndale – don’t worry! Shuggie is also available to buy as a download from Ravelry here.

I will be introducing another exciting new kit which will launch at Yarndale later this week – so watch this space!

I’ve had great fun getting prepared for Yarndale and can’t wait for next weekend! Are you coming along?