Moody Blanket KAL 2017

kal-squaresThe Moody Blanket will be a super cosy blanket and at the same time – a unique visual diary of your moods. Each square will represent a week and you will choose your colour for each day based on your mood. So some squares might be stripey and some plain – depending on how consistent your mood is throughout the week!

The knit-along begins on Monday 2nd January 2017 and you can follow my progress and share your your own on Instagram using #moodykal

If you’re late to the knit-along…don’t worry! If you’re starting your blanket later, you can just knit for a full six months or a year from the point you start.  You can watch a vlog about my inspiration for the Moody Blanket here.

*UPDATE* Rooster have now discontinued Almerino DK (November 2017) so if you are starting a Moody Blanket now I would recommend choosing a different DK weight yarn.

How much of each shade you use will depend on your moods so you can purchase extra yarn in the shades you need throughout the year from my shop here. Use the drop-down menu to select which shades you would like!

*UPDATE* Rooster have now discontinued Almerino DK (November 2017) and the yarn is available while stocks last – so please ensure you have enough yarn to complete your blanket.

Moody Blanket yarn: £6 – shop now

*Please note* I will endeavour to keep stock available in all shades throughout 2017 – but please be aware that there may occasionally be a wait if my supplier is out of stock or if a particular shade is popular. I will keep you informed if there are any delays on your orders.

If you would like to knit the Moody Blanket using your own choice of yarn – you can purchase the pattern via my Ravelry store including a planner which you can colour in throughout the year keep track of your moods.

Moody Blanket – pattern & planner: £4 – buy now

You can choose to knit-along for six months (24 weeks plus sewing up) to make a small Moody Blanket which would make a lovely cosy sofa blanket. Or you can knit for a full year (48 weeks plus sewing up) to make the large Moody Blanket which would sit nicely across a double bed to keep your toes toasty!

Small Moody Blanket finished size: approx 80cm x 120cm. The small blanket will use approx 22 x 50g balls which you can purchase gradually throughout the six months.

Large Moody Blanket finished size: approx 120cm x 160cm. The large blanket will use approx 44 x 50g balls which you can purchase gradually throughout the year.

Dye lots shouldn’t matter too much, but if you feel a difference in lots is noticeable and there isn’t enough of that lot to finish the stripe/day – I would recommend either starting the stripe/day with the new ball or working two rows in each dye lot until the old ball runs out so that the new dye lot blends with the old.

If you’re a new knitter and need a bit of help with the techniques used in the Moody Blanket – watch this vlog!
I have also filmed a vlog showing how I will be joining my Moody Blanket squares…

You can also join my Ravelry group for Moody Blanket chat and tips!