Amy by Jem

I mentioned this project earlier in the year – and I’ve certainly taken my time over it… But the wait is over and you can now knit your very own Amy by Jem cushions!

A beautiful stack of Amy by Jem knitted cushions

*Please note* The links in this blog will take you through to my PayHip pattern shop. If you would prefer to buy via Ravelry or Love Knitting – you can link through from my patterns page here.

Amy Cushion – shop now

Jem Cushion – shop now

Vine Cushion – shop now

Balloon Flower Cushion – shop now

I’m a huge fan of my friend Amy Blackwell’s illustrations and have loved working on this collaboration! I love Amy’s use of colour and the Rowan Summerlite DK palette was the perfect choice.

The cushions all work beautifully together so they’re also available to buy as a collection. This works out as better value if you want to knit them all!

Amy by Jem Cushion Collection – shop now

Making friends by making things

If all has gone to plan, you will be reading this on Sunday 6th July whilst I’m lying on a beach- unreachable by technology!

I wrote last week about how much I love my home-town of Sherwood. This extends to Nottingham in general and the main reason I love it is because I’ve found a lovely bunch of like-minded makers to enjoy it with!

When I first moved to Nottingham, I didn’t really know anyone. My friends had dispersed around the country and my job with Rowan involved a lot of travelling- so even though I was meeting lots of new people, I didn’t have anyone to spend time with when I was in Nottingham. I think that most crafty people are pretty happy in their own company- but when you’re living in a new city and don’t know anyone, it can be rather lonely.

I’d only moved from Leicester, but it felt like a long way to go for my old knit group so I decided to look for a group in Nottingham. After a quick search ‘Knit in Notts‘ came up and I started to go along as often as I could. Over five years later, I’m still going and have formed a lovely network of crafty friends!

The main purpose of this blog is to encourage everyone who doesn’t already go to a knitting group to find one! They’re the best thing in the world and a fantastic way to meet like-minded people. All groups are different and if the first one you try isn’t for you, then just try another. Our group is quite young and we meet in a bar on a Tuesday after work which is perfect for me, but I know a lot of groups meet during the day or at weekends. If you can’t find a group local to you- then why not start one? Here is how Steph went about starting Knit in Notts.

I also wanted to shout about how brilliant my Knit in Notts crew are! Here are just a few-

Steph our leader is also know as Nettynot and you can follow her crafty potterings here.

Eleanor is the owner of our local yarn shop ‘Knit Nottingham‘ and she’s brill!

Rebecka Hojeberg and Amy Blackwell do beautiful illustrations.

Sarah Woodhouse is a Rowan ambassador and blogs here.

Lynsey writes ‘The diary of a novice crafter’ which you can find here.

There are lots of other lovely knitters in our group and it’s really inspiring to be surrounded by such creative people. Let me know about your knit group adventures!



New year, new living room. New blog!

Hello there, and welcome along to my first ever blog!

I know that it’s February already, but the year still feels new to me! Starting a new year always makes me want to start a new project, and this year I decided that my project would be a blog, where I can connect with other lovely crafters from the knitting world and beyond!

wpid-IMG_20140201_090018.jpgI thought my first blog would be the perfect place to tell you about my big project from 2013 (which is still sort of work in progress)- project living room!

My decorating projects tend to be a bit unplanned, and in January I decided to rip up the carpet in my living room with the intention of of painting the floorboards. 9 months later I still had holes in the floor and lots of random paint samples on the wall.

I find it rather unsettling when I don’t have a nice organised environment to retreat to after a long day at work- but long days at work make it very difficult to find time to get paint on the walls!

So- with Farrow & Ball Mizzle on the walls and Cornforth White on the floors (I’ve been saving up my nectar points), I was ready to start the fun bits. As soon as the paint was dry I started putting up my lovely new prints and painting.

wpid-IMG_20140201_085347.jpgI commissioned my hugely talented friend Amy Blackwell to do some prints of my cats and I’m so happy with them. Amy is a fantastic illustrator and does lots of custom prints of peoples pets (including tortoises)!

I also treated myself to a painting from Alan McPherson. This is above my fireplace and cheers me up every time I look at it. I love the colours and I’m choosing fabrics for some patchwork cushions with equally happy colours. I don’t normally choose yellow because I can’t wear it- but my house wears it very well!

I had already bought my curtain fabric, which has greens, oranges and cream in it, so everything ties together nicely. My friend Steph (aka Nettynot) made my curtains for me and they’ve made such a difference to how cosy the room feels. I’m sure the thermal lining helps!


So now it’s time for the REALLY fun bits! Patchwork cushions, a rag rug, cable knitted cover for my rocking chair, crochet sofa arm covers (to hide the cat damage). The list is long, but I’m not giving myself a deadline. I want to stick to my plan for the year of not taking on too much and just enjoying it!