At Home Spa Day

A lot of people are now working from home during lockdown… and discovering that it can be difficult to “switch off” at the end of the work day when you’re still in the same space.

I always find switching off most difficult when I have time off work planned… with no holiday booked. I normally like to do something away from the house for the first day off to reset my mind into holiday mode – such as driving to the country for a long walk and a meal out. Of course that’s not possible right now!

So with Beardie and I in the same position of working from home and having a week off for Easter… we decided to kick it off with a relaxing spa day! We really enjoyed it and it would be the perfect way to switch off on a weekend if you’re finding that your days are blending into one.

All you really need for your at-home-spa is hot water and an internet connection – anything else is a bonus! Here are a few ideas for you…

Creating your spa ambience…

As soon as we woke up we found some “spa music” and had it on in the background all day. We also found ourselves talking in hushed tones so as not to disturb the spa vibes! We played this video for a while which is rather nice to stare at in a trace-like state.

Something all spas seem to have in common is that they’re unnecessarily warm! So we treated ourselves to an afternoon with the heating on (our house is old and cold), but snuggling up in blankets, an electric blanket or with a hot water bottle would do the trick.

Treating yourself to a bath or an extra long hot shower in the afternoon feels like a luxury and also doubles up as a steam room if you keep the windows shut! Keep the relaxing music going and light a scented candle to make it feel even more spa-like.

Lovely scents are another thing spas share. We were down to our last cheap vanilla candle but it was better than nothing… and I also chopped up some lavender and rosemary from the garden to create a “smelly bowl”!


So now that you’ve got your spa vibes – what treatments can you do?!

My pilates instructor is really keen on looking after feet and every week we do foot massages with a tennis ball. If you don’t have a tennis ball you might have something similar – maybe a pet’s ball? Stand on one foot and roll the ball around on the sole of your other foot, focusing on the arch and pressing and holding on tender areas (carefully!). The harder the ball the more careful you need to be when pressing.

A tennis ball foot massage followed by soaking your feet in a bowl of hot water feels lovely.

You might feel in need of a hand massage to ease your aches and pains from all the lockdown crafting! You could do this self-massage while your feet are soaking…

And if you have what you need for a manicure/pedicure then go for it! I’m enjoying having summer-ready toes even if no one else sees them.

A full back massage might be a bit more difficult if you’re on your own for lockdown… but an online yoga or pilates class might help relieve some shoulder tension from hunching over a laptop.

Or you could try a guided meditation. Headspace have added more free meditations – including some walking meditations. Your at-home-spa would be a great time to practice some mindfulness!

We incorporated a mini facial into our spa day – cleansing, exfoliating and sharing a tiny sample pot of a Lush face-mask! If you haven’t got a face-mask or exfoliator you might be able to make your own. Search Pinterest for ideas of what you could make from kitchen cupboard basics. And maybe steam your face… because spa days are all about the steam!

And finally… one of my favourite parts of a spa day is the lunch! So if you don’t want to spend your at-home-spa day cooking, make sure you plan something simple the day before. We had gnocchi with roast veg and a honey & lemon dressing – quick and easy but felt a bit fancy for lunchtime. We’d also saved some vegan brownies from our friends’ virtual birthday party… got to have a treat on a spa day!

Take care everyone x