Lilac by Kim Hargreaves (my wedding cardigan!)

Well it was only seven months late for the wedding… but I finally finished my cardigan!

It still doesn’t have buttons… I did buy some, but they’re a bit weddingy. I’d like some simple mother of pearl ones but haven’t found the right thing yet. It doesn’t have buttonholes anyway as you put the buttons through the eyelets so I think it looks okay without.

It’s really nice having a cardigan in this colour! It feels really summery and goes with everything. As it’s cotton – I can always dye it if it starts to look grubby (which it inevitably will).

It fits really nicely and the length is great with most of my summery clothes – but I think I was right that it wouldn’t have worked with the shape of my wedding top. Good job we had a heatwave last year!

It was a a pain in the bum to knit, but I think it was worth it. It’s knitted on 2.25mm & 2.75mm needles so I decided to use metal needles… and confirmed that tiny metal needles and cotton yarn with no stretch are a very bad combination if you have wrist/hand/elbow pain!

The pattern is Lilac from Breeze by Kim Hargreaves and I knitted it in Rowan Summerlite 4ply. The book is now out of print – but there is a similar cardigan (Tally) in her more recent book Sway.

I have some gorgeous coral Summerlite 4ply and really want to knit Tally as well… but I definitely need to pace myself with tiny needle/lace pattern/cotton knitting!

Frankie Cardigan

After a few intense months of working on Cute Comfort Knits I was so excited to start some selfish knitting!

I wanted a simple shape, easy to knit garment that would fit my new capsule wardrobe. And I wanted to use the pack of Rowan Softyak which I’d had for a while (and kept changing my mind what to knit with it!).

Frankie_Kim Hargreaves

I settled on Frankie From Kim Hargreaves Breeze – an old pattern using Rowan Pima Cotton dk. I thought it would be perfect for stash-busting my lovely Softyak dk and it really ticks all the boxes to fit into my capsule wardrobe.

Frankie by Kim Hargreaves knitted in Rowan Softyak | Jem Weston blog

Unfortunately it turned out to be a bit slightly less simple than hoped! Because of changing the yarn, my row tension was short – and as it has raglan sleeves I had to rewrite all of the raglan shaping. But other than that… it was a dream to knit and I love the Softyak! 

Of course I’ve done my usual thing of finishing a summer cardie just as autumn is creeping up…but hopefully we have a few warm days still to come.

Frankie by Kim Hargreaves knitted in Rowan Softyak | Jem Weston blog

And don’t you just love a good pocket?!

Yarn provided by Rowan.