Change of Plans

This weekend I was intending to write a blog about my Ripple Bralette and the three new me-made summer tops I wore on holiday. However… it was too warm to wear my new Burnt top and I didn’t finish my Ripple Bralette because I was far too busy doing this…

I did however wear my new teal vest top and I love it!

I’m planning to make the straps slightly shorter for the next one, but other than that I’m really happy with the fit.

Hopefully the bralette will be ready for next weekends blog… but Noodle and his wonky ear are demanding quite a lot of attention at the moment.

He was bitten by another cat and it’s infected so he’s a bit fed up of being stuck inside wearing the cone of shame. We’re so grateful that our wonderful friend Steph got him to the vets and took such care of him while we were away! I don’t know what we’d do without her.

Hopefully Noodle will let me do some knitting today!

Roll On 2017!

I don’t want to wish the year away…but 2016 and I haven’t been the best of friends!

It’s not one thing in particular – it’s just felt like really hard work. Like one of those days where you think  “it’ll be okay – I feel a bit meh but I can get through this as long as nothing bad happens”. And then lose your car key so you have to walk to work…and then you tread in dog poo while walking to work…and you’re wearing flip-flops! That’s pretty much how 2016 has felt for me.

This makes it sound like I’ve had an incredibly negative year – which is actually far from the truth! The Knitted Nursery Collection launched in January and has been really successful, I had a fantastic time at Woolfest and Yarndale and I started a new part-time job in August working with a lovely team and lovely Rowan yarns.

So why has it felt like a tough year? The simple answer is – I’ve done too much. Way too much! And I haven’t taken enough time off.

Earlier this year Beardie was working hard on his MSc and we didn’t feel we could take a “proper” holiday so we settled on a few nights glamping. It was lovely…but not long enough to wind down before we had to head back to reality. As soon as he finished – I started my new job and since then it has been non-stop!

Re-adjusting to work and trying to juggle it with freelance commitments has been fun but also busy and challenging. Beardie and I were really looking forward to 6 days away in December – visiting friends and then having some hygge quiet time… and then Noodle broke his foot! We have to keep him in a cage most of the time while he’s healing and take him to the vets for a new bandage each week – so our holiday has now shrunk down to a three days off work mini-staycation! But look how cute he is…


So roll on 2017! I know it will bring it’s own challenges, but I’m hoping it will also bring a couple of “proper” holidays, some regular down-time and fully functioning cats.

So what’s your vote for 2016 – good year or bad year?