Cosy Cardigan – New Sizes

The Cosy Cardigan in Cosy Alpaca Knits is my first self-published garment pattern and I decided to keep it simple with just two sizes – Small: measuring approx. 130cm (51 1/4in) bust and Large: measuring approx 150cm (59in) bust.

Cosy Cardigan by Jem Weston

A friend pointed out to me that if someone with a large bust wanted to knit the Cosy Cardigan, they wouldn’t have the same amount of ease as someone with a smaller bust. She’s absolutely right and I really should have allowed for a generous ease on a larger size.

The cardigan is designed to be worn with between 25cm (10in) and 50cm (19 3/4in) ease – depending on how relaxed you want the fit to be. Therefore the Small would work for an 80cm (31 1/2in) bust to a 105cm (41in) bust and the Large for a 100cm (39 1/2in) to 125cm (49 1/4in) bust… so not really that generous.

This is a total oversight on my part and huge apologies to anyone who felt excluded by the sizing in the pattern. I have been working on two new sizes for the Cosy Cardigan and any garments I design in the future will be made to fit up to at least a 152cm (60in) bust, with ease on top of that.

The new sizes will be included in any future reprints of Cosy Alpaca Knits and I will also be changing the sizes to letters. Small will become Size A, Large will become Size B and I will be adding in Sizes C & D.

Size C will measure approx. 170cm (67in) actual bust – to fit from 120cm (47 1/4in) to 145cm (57in) bust.

Size D will measure approx. 190cm (74 3/4in) actual bust – to fit from 140cm (55in) to 165cm (65in) bust.

Sizes C & D will also be slightly longer from collar to hem with a slightly deeper sleeve.

Cosy Cardigan by Jem Weston

I’m afraid there isn’t a simple addendum that I can share here as I’m fully incorporating the new sizes into the pattern, but if you own a copy of Cosy Alpaca Knits and would like details of the new sizes – please get in touch via my contact page.

Felted Tweed Cosy Cardigan

Thank you everyone who popped by to see me at The Knitting and Stitching Show last week! It was lovely to meet you all and so nice to spend time with my Rowan family.

The Cosy Cardigan from Cosy Alpaca Knits was getting a lot of love! Particularly the Felted Tweed version that I was wearing at the show. The yarn usage is different to the Moordale (which is used in the book) so please see below for the quantities if you want to substitute.

Cosy Cardigan – Rowan Felted Tweed version

Yarn A: Seafarer 170 x2 (small & large) 50g ball

Yarn B: Granite 191 x1 (small & large) 50g ball

Yarn C: Turquise 202 x8 (small) x9 (large) 50g ball

The Moordale and Felted Tweed drape quite differently. The Moordale is quite weighty – so that combined with the folded hem give the cardigan a heavy drape. Felted Tweed is lighter and therefore less drapey which gives the finished cardigan a more boxy look.

I personally just want to knit everything in this turquoise shade of Felted Tweed so I couldn’t resist!

Yarn provided by Rowan.