Home sweet home

My big project for 2013 was to decorate my living room. It’s over a year since I finished the painting and it’s still work in progress!

I’ve started dedicating Sunday nights to rag rugging– so that’s starting to grow, but I think it’ll be next winter before it’s on the floor. Perhaps it was a bit ambitious?! I’ve started work on some patchwork cushions for my sofa- but I’m currently still living with my ‘temporary’ no-sew cushion!

I have however completed my curtain tie-backs! All you need is lace, starch spray, pearle cotton (or embroidery thread) and a cat (optional).

I was planning to crochet the tie backs, but my lovely neighbour gave me some lace and I thought it would be perfect. It’s made with a thick thread so it holds it’s shape quite well- but the starch has made it even more crisp. I snipped down the centre of each end and stitched the ends together to form a loop, which I then wrapped in pearle to neaten up.

It was quick, easy and cheap to do- why not have a go? A lot of haberdasheries sell lace and broderie anglaise- just make sure you pick a sturdy one that won’t just fold up and lose it’s shape.

If you want to make me feel better about my home improvement procrastinations- let me know what you planned to do this year that hasn’t been done! Maybe we can motivate each other? There’s a few weeks left yet! x