Dreaming and Colour

I’ve never been the best sleeper and as I wake up a lot throughout the night I tend to remember a lot of my dreams and they’re often vivid. However- If I don’t tell someone about it straight away or write it down, then I forget it pretty quickly!

When I was at university, I kept a dream diary for a while. My dreams appear to be fairly random, but I found it really interesting that I could trace most things back to something that had happened the previous day, conversations I’d had and things that were on my mind.

Knitting my mood scarf feels like a similar process to recording my dreams. Often when you’re busy you don’t take the time to think about what’s on your mind or effecting your mood. Simply taking the time to write my dream diary made me aware of what was causing sadness or stress and allowed me to deal with with it.

wpid-img_20140419_212938.jpgHow often do we sit down at the end of the day and ask ourselves how we have felt throughout the day and why? Taking this time to reflect is a real luxury for me! The first few days of my scarf were sort of unhappy/ middling. When I thought about why that was, I managed to pinpoint the things that were stressing me out and made a conscious effort to not let them stress me out! Easier said than done, but it did lead to a few happy yellow days which is great.

My favourite thing about this project is the fact that me and my knitting friends have started talking about how we feel in terms of colour! If you ask someone “How are you?”- the answer is generally “I’m fine/ good thanks!”. People rarely go into detail about how they really feel. If I’m asked “how is your mood scarf going?”, then I naturally want to give a bit of an explanation as to why it’s sad or happy. I think this project is making us talk a bit more openly and that’s lovely.

Unfortunately mine is all a bit teal/grey at the moment. It doesn’t always feel good to reflect on the day if it’s been an unhappy one, but I’m trying to think long-term about how interesting it will be to look back on the scarf as a whole and see the visualisation of my moods. And if it has been a bad day- a bit of knitting and colour therapy can’t hurt!

Thank you for sending me and Eleanor at Knit Nottingham your pics- it looks like we’re all a mixed bag of emotions! If you haven’t joined in already- feel free to tag along. Happy mood scarf knitting everyone x