Garden Log Book

Although we’re not able to see each other in person – I’m still having regular catch-ups with Dad about what’s going on in the garden!

Dad keeps a record of what he’s growing and what’s successful or not and he recently told me that he also keeps a list of which species of butterflies he’s seen each year. I felt inspired to start my own garden log book!

I stocked up on lovely Amy Blackwell notebooks when she had a collection in Sainsbury’s – and I’ve been saving this last one for a special occasion… It’s perfect for my garden book!

 I’ve been enjoying identifying butterflies and also decided to keep a log of birds. We don’t get many in our garden because there are so many cats around, but blue tits have started to regularly visit the cianthus.

I’ve always kept a note of my crop rotation, but I normally forget where I’ve written it down or saved it, so it’ll be lovely keeping all my notes in one place.

Please note – brokali is a kale/broccoli hybrid- not just a misspelling! Please forgive any other spelling errors though…

I’m keeping more detailed notes about each fruit/veg, including the seed packets so that I can see what’s worked and avoid repeating things that failed.

Do you keep a garden log book? Have you got any tips?!