Virtual Garden Fest 2020 – part 2!

Back in May (which feels like forever ago!) I hosted a virtual open gardens over on Instagram and it was so much fun we’re doing it again this weekend.

I love my garden and really enjoy visiting other gardens – particularly ‘real’ gardens that haven’t been set up and tended by experts. This inspired me to set up the Virtual Garden Fest so that we could all share our gardens and visit each others virtually during lockdown and beyond.


The first garden fest was a mixture of small and large gardens, messy (mine) and cultivated gardens and we even had a house plant tour from the lovely Georgia Farrell. They were all beautiful! So you don’t even need to have a garden to join in and you certainly don’t need to be an expert… we just want to see your green babies!

I have shared a new video tour of my back garden over on IGTV and will be doing a live tour of the front garden (veg patch) this morning. I will upload that to IGTV as well so don’t worry if you miss the live. 

You can join in by doing a live tour or sharing a video or pictures of your garden/plants over on Instagram using #virtualgardenfest2020. And make sure you’re following the hashtag so you can have a look around everyone’s gardens!


Virtual Garden Fest 2020

One of the things I’m missing during lockdown is looking around other people’s gardens! I love visiting National Trust places with walled gardens and neat veg patches… but mostly I love looking around ‘real’ gardens and picking up tips and tricks.

So this weekend over on Instagram I’m hosting a virtual open gardens! Yesterday I did a live tour of my front garden/veg patch which will be available until 3pm today – and this afternoon I will be doing a live tour of my back garden.

Everyone is welcome to join in! Whether you have an allotment, a messy small garden (like me), a few pots on a patio or a house plant that brings you a lot of joy… I’d love to hear about it. Just share pictures on your grid and/or in your stories using the hashtag #virtualgardenfest2020. And if you’re doing an Instagram live tour – make sure you let us know on your grid/in your stories so that anyone following the hashtag can find you!

And if you just want to follow along and have a virtual mooch around our gardens – hop over to #virtualgardenfest2020 and give us some love!

Happy gardening x

Garden Log Book

Although we’re not able to see each other in person – I’m still having regular catch-ups with Dad about what’s going on in the garden!

Dad keeps a record of what he’s growing and what’s successful or not and he recently told me that he also keeps a list of which species of butterflies he’s seen each year. I felt inspired to start my own garden log book!

I stocked up on lovely Amy Blackwell notebooks when she had a collection in Sainsbury’s – and I’ve been saving this last one for a special occasion… It’s perfect for my garden book!

 I’ve been enjoying identifying butterflies and also decided to keep a log of birds. We don’t get many in our garden because there are so many cats around, but blue tits have started to regularly visit the cianthus.

I’ve always kept a note of my crop rotation, but I normally forget where I’ve written it down or saved it, so it’ll be lovely keeping all my notes in one place.

Please note – brokali is a kale/broccoli hybrid- not just a misspelling! Please forgive any other spelling errors though…

I’m keeping more detailed notes about each fruit/veg, including the seed packets so that I can see what’s worked and avoid repeating things that failed.

Do you keep a garden log book? Have you got any tips?!

Spring has Sprung

It’s been a very long winter with a few false starts where odd days have felt spring-like. But now the snow has cleared, the clocks have gone forward and this week has properly felt like spring!

After a winter of neglect, I’ve started pottering around the garden – enjoying the daffodils and crocuses and looking forward to eating the purple sprouting broccoli that’s just starting to peek out from in between the leaves.

I love this time of year when everything is growing and colour is coming back to the garden – I know that it will all look so different in just a few weeks.

As usual- I’ve got lots of plans for the garden this year… but I also want to do some work on the house so I don’t expect I’ll get it all done!

The priorities are building a step up to the wall that dad and I built last summer. It will replace the wobbly pile of bricks we’re currently using to step up to the patio area!

Flatio | Jem Weston blog

And the second priority is replacing the picket fencing around my fruit, veg and herb patches. It’s seen better days and the wood has rotted and broken in places. I want to start by building a cage for the strawberry patch but haven’t quite worked out the rest yet!

I’m also hoping for a good hydrangea year because they will be my wedding flowers! She’s got off to a good start so fingers crossed.

Happy Easter everyone x


After having a wonky sloped garden for almost a decade – I finally have a flat patio area!

Flat is a slight exaggeration…because dad and I made the new wall so perfectly level (all dad’s skills obviously) – it then made the concrete bit where the bench sits look really wonky. So I ended up doing the crazy paving by eye rather than trying to get it perfectly level.

Our old metal gate has been recycled as a trellis for one of the climbing roses to create a corner and make the flatio feel like a separate room.

Over time I’m hoping to grow “mind your own business” in between the slabs to soften the edges. This has worked really well around the path leading up to the flatio and it’s pretty hardy. It’ll take a year or two to get going – but some of the bits I’ve put in are trying hard!

Fingers crossed we’ve got a bit of summer left for garden based knitting!