Crafty Gardening

I’ve been so busy recently working on my new book that I haven’t had much time off! But when I have – I’ve been doing a bit of crafty gardening. The recent sunshine and showers have made everything go a bit wild!

I’m planning some big jobs in the back yard this year and have made a start, but it’s currently quite messy. I will be levelling off the main flower bed (with dad’s help) And turning it into a seating area. Now that I’m working from home a lot I think it’s important to have an outside office area! I will be doing some nineties style crazy paving and will be planting thyme and camomile in the gaps to soften the edges.

My fence desperately needs replacing. There are only so many times I can saw off the rotten fence post ends and put them back in the other way round – they’re getting too short for the fence panels! A new fence will definitely improve the overall look.

I also wanted to have some lovely stepping stones leading from the door to my new seating area, but unfortunately my budget is £0! So I’ve moved some slabs to create a curved path and I’m growing various ground cover which will cover and soften the edges of the slabs (I hope).

My dad has built and installed some beautiful doors for my outhouses! They’re nearly finished and then I will be painting them in farrow &ball dix blue and putting on my lovely garden shed sign. I previously only had one door and it was rotten – so I’m really happy with these! The wood above the doors is not great but dad didnt think we could remove that without the whole structure collapsing, so he has built supporting struts and hopefully it won’t fall down!

Dad is also repairing my rotten bench which will move to the back garden when it’s sorted. Dad’s great!

In veg patch news – I’ve decided to pay attention to my brother telling me to rotate my veg! But because my patch is so small I’m just going to grow a couple of things each year. So this year is potatoes and tomatoes and next year will be beans and peas. After the success of my strawberries I’ve decided to introduce more fruit. I bought a blueberry bush that was already growing and that’s doing well – it has flowers!

I’ve had a few gardening fails as well. I planted some raspberries which are doing nothing and just look like dead twigs! I’ll leave them in just in case and dad is going to get me some from his allotment as well. So hopefully I’ll have raspberries next year.

I have a massive green fly problem with my roses which turns in a catapiller problem later in the summer. Do you know of any natural ways to deal with this? I’ve tried washing up liquid and garlic with no success.

My beautiful acer suffered a major trauma during a cat fight a few weeks ago! I think a huge ginger tom fell off the wall and landed on it. Most of the branches broke straight off and the trunk was split in two. I bandaged it together with electrical tape and it seems to be surviving – fingers crossed!