Brona Jumper (sort of finished)


I’m not going to lie – I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this jumper over the last few months! The last couple of weeks have looked a bit like the image above – but a lot messier!

I started knitting Brona by Gemma Atkinson just before the Knitting & Stitching Show last October. It was the perfect project to take with me because there was a huge section of stocking stitch with no shaping, so it didn’t take much concentration and I could easily pick it up and put it down.

BronaLatticeDespite it being knitted in a 4ply on 3mm needles, I was whizzing through it and quite quickly reached the lattice section and raglan shaping at the top. This is where I started to love it slightly less!

Mohair Haze is beautiful – but dark blue, 4ply fluffly yarn isn’t easy on the eyes and if I split a stitch at all in this section it was difficult to correct without going back to that row. So suddenly it required a lot of attention to make sure I wasn’t splitting stitches or forgetting my decreases – because mohair is not fun to pull back!

I also realised as I was working on this section that the knitting was leaning. The lattice pattern is one directional, so the stitches are being pulled towards the right, giving me a much steeper slope on the left than the right!


With some gentle easing it seems to pull in to shape so I think it will be fine when blocked, but it all looks very wonky at the moment!

I normally sew up and completely finish a garment before blocking, but with Brona I’m going to block each piece separately first, so that everything is the correct shape before sewing up. I really hope it works and doesn’t twist after blocking!

My next problem was that I ran out of yarn! I was getting close to the top of the sleeves and could tell I wasn’t going to have enough to finish. I can’t say with confidence that the yarn requirements on the pattern are wrong because it’s possible that I lost a ball! I didn’t want to carry them all around with me so I was just adding balls to my knitting bag as and when I needed them. Perhaps one went astray…

I knitted both of the sleeves at the same time, and added 2cm because I like long sleeves. I thought if I took them back and didn’t allow the extra 2cm I would have enough to finish the sleeves and would just need an extra ball for the neckline. After a few nights of tinking and nearly crying (I hate pulling back mohair so much!) I discovered that I still didn’t have enough for the sleeves and would need to start the odd dye lot ball for the last few cm’s.

Luckily – the odd dye lot was very close in colour. I striped it in with the original dye lot so that it would blend in and with the fluffiness – you really can’t see the difference.


I know I said I would only have one garment on the go at a time this year – but I need a little rest before sewing this up! I’m planning to block all the pieces so that it’s ready for sewing up and finishing, and then it will go into hibernation for a while. I know I’m going to love it when it’s done! The yarn feels so soft and warm and I love the colour.

If anyone else out there is knitting Brona – let me know if yours is wonky too!

Yarn provided by Rowan