Finished Rag Rug

RagRug_closeupI invited a few friends over at the weekend to celebrate the launch of my book – The Knitted Nursery Collection – but it was mostly an excuse to show off my newly finished rag rug!

I started working on this about two and a half years ago when I redecorated my living room and the room now finally feels complete!

My front door opens directly into the living room so I lose quite a bit of space to the stomping through to the kitchen area. I decided to make the rag rug circular because I thought it would make the rest of the room feel cosy and separate it from the stomping path. It works really well!

RagRug_birdseye1When I started working on it, my friend (who’s mum is an expert rag rugger) recommended that I used fleece blanket type materials so that they wouldn’t fray. I half listened to her! I used a mixture of cheap fleece blankets from Ikea alongside some cheap curtains from Ikea, some old faded curtains I already had and an old tweedy skirt. The fleece has worked brilliantly but the other bits are fraying and I seem to be constantly covered in little bits of fabric! I’m hoping it will be like using a yarn that sheds whilst knitting and then settles down when you start wearing it. Fingers crossed it will stop shedding soon!

I really like the back of it – it looks like pebbles. It was slipping all over the place when I first put it down, so I’ve sewn some non-slip backing on and it’s amazing – I’ve tried dancing on it and it doesn’t slip at all!


Because the rag rug felt a bit like a mammoth overwhelming project, and was perhaps less relaxing than knitting – I declared Sunday night as rag rug night and it was a great way to chip away at it bit by bit.

My next Sunday project will be scanning in all of my Mum and Dad’s old photo’s so that we all have digital copies. I’ve made a start, but I think I need to make sure I do a bit every weekend – hopefully it won’t take as long as the rag rug!