Veg Patch 2019

Over the last few years I’ve had a fair amount of success from the veg patch…

But I’ve also been getting increasingly frustrated with the poor use of space! Over the years I have increased the amount of herbs and soft fruit I grow and therefore lost a lot of veg growing space.

For the last three years I’ve had just one veg bed and have been rotating legumes brassicas and roots within that bed and trying to grow any extras in pots. This means I have to wait for a couple of years in between growing my favourite things: potatoes, broccoli, beans etc etc. It’s good for the soil to have this rotation as it maintains the balance of nutrients and keeps down pests… but I want to grow a bit of everything every year.

So I’ve had a move around and put in some raised bed frames to give it some structure… I thought you might like to see the before and after shots!

It’s still pretty messy, but it’s a much more practical layout and will hopefully be a much more productive veg patch! I now have three veg beds at the bottom of the garden so that I can grow a little bit of everything in each year and rotate between them.

One of the two smaller beds is for herbs and the other for strawberries. I have also moved my blueberry bush so it’s more accessible next to the strawberry bed (but virtually invisible in the image because it’s currently dormant and leafless). I hope it’s survived the move! The side fence has both summer and autumn fruiting raspberries growing up it and I even have a little space left in the corner if you know of a small fruit bush that doesn’t mind shade?

Last year we barely used the herbs and they became massively overgrown – simply because they were difficult to get to! Having more defined beds will help with keeping everything tidy and the new paths will mean we can reach everything without having to limbo under the tree/ walk on the soil.

I can’t wait to get some seedlings going now!