This blog started back in 2014 as a place for me to share my knitting and crafty projects. Three and a half years later it is still a place to share my new designs and things I’ve made, but it’s also become a place for my general ponderings on life, feelings and the eternal quest for contentment!

A few new followers have hopped on board recently so I wanted to say hello (hello!) and introduce myself.

Yarn Hug - Jem Weston knitting blog

I started knitting at a young age, taught by my Grandma Weston who was definitely addicted to the knit. After dipping in and out over the years, I really re-discovered my love of knitting whilst at university. It was a creative outlet that felt un-pressured and unpretentious. After completing my degree in Fine Art, I quickly realised I was happier in the craft world – sharing skills and being part of a friendly community of lovely people who wanted to make lovely things!

Knitting & Roses - Jem Weston blog

After leaving uni, I had the usual “I don’t know what to do with my life!” dilemma that seems to hit most people leaving education and being in the “real world” for the first time! This lasted a good few years, during which time I worked in a wool shop and started a knit group with a friend.

Due to a bit of luck, fate and hard work – I started working for Rowan Yarns in 2008 as the Design Consultant Manager. For three and a half years I travelled the UK looking after our team of Rowan experts who worked in John Lewis stores and also our lovely Rowan Workshop Tutors.

In 2011 I moved over to the sales side of the company as a Coats Crafts Territory Manager, where I looked after an area of independent Rowan and Coats Crafts stockists. During this time I wrote my first book Cute Little Knits.

Cute Little Knits

In 2014 I gave up the day job and made the leap to working freelance! It was a big and scary decision but definitely the right one for me. After working full time in great but somewhat demanding jobs for six and a half years, I was ready to take some time to focus on designing, making and catching up on sleep!

In 2015 I wrote my second book The Knitted Nursery Collection, which was published in early 2016 and is available from my shop here.

As much as I enjoyed working freelance and being my own boss, I missed the close contact with my Rowan family and the lovely independent yarn shops. I also missed the routine of having a “proper” job! So I was thrilled when I was invited back to work with Rowan as a part-time Brand Account Manager.

Rowan @ Black Sheep Wools

I’m now back on the road visiting and supporting independent Rowan stockists three days each week, which leaves me (just about) enough time to design and write knitting patterns as well!

So keep your eye on my workshop page – I will be adding more Rowan mini-classes in different venues around the middle/north of England & Wales (with the occasional trip to Northern Ireland!).

And watch this space for my new book Cute Comfort Knits which will be available to buy from my shop and Rowan stockists from August 15th 2017!