Esme Cardigan

I finally finished my Esme Cardigan!Esme Cardigan by Kim Hargreaves | Jem Weston blog

I’m not exactly sure when I started knitting it, but I do know that it was on both my make-nine-2018 and 2019 plans. It didn’t actually take too long but I knitted many other things throughout (including all the samples for Cosy Alpaca Knits!).

I’m thrilled with it. And yes… I do already have other teal cardigans! My Frankie cardie is more of a summer garment because I can’t get my winter coat over the sleeves. And I wasn’t wearing my Wave cardie – so I decided to let it go and Esme is the replacement.

Esme is knitted in Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace stranded together, which creates a beautifully light and fluffy fabric. The pattern is in Grace by Kim Hargreaves.

I knitted the smallest size, but added a bit of length (I have a long body) and I also blocked out the width a bit so that it’s not snug across the hips.

Esme Cardigan by Kim Hargreaves | Jem Weston blog

I decided that it would be unreasonable for this cardigan to be part of my make-nine for a third year! But it was a WIP so it means I’m sticking to my 2020 rule…

How are your 2020 knits going so far?

Wave Cardigan

WaveCardieDespite being quite a quick knit, this cardie has been on the needles for a long time!

Wave is from Kim Hargreaves Echoes book. It is knitted with two strands of Kidsilk Haze on one 4.5mm needle and one 9mm needle to create an open lacy texture. I loved how simple it was to knit, but found it rather fiddly on the 9mm rows! I’ve mentioned before that I’m a pit knitter (I tuck the needle under my armpit), but I tend to do my work knitting on straights and personal knitting on circulars – which means I can’t tuck. Changing needle types helps me to avoid RSI, but I really do find chunky circulars fiddly!

It was definitely worth it though! I love how light and warm Kidsilk Haze is and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of it. It was very quick and simple to knit, with very little shaping, making it a perfect project for knit group. I adore this shade – it’s called Trance and I’ve wanted to knit myself something in it since doing a cardie for my mum a few years ago.

Now that I’ve finished Wave, I’m intending to stick with my new year goal of only having one project on the go per category (ie, knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting etc). Work knitting doesn’t count right?!

So now I need to finish my Brona jumper before starting my next project which will be Kim Hargreaves Jamie Cardigan from Embrace. I’m not sure I can wait!

Yarn provided by Rowan

New Cardigan!

I’ve finally finished my Captivate cardigan from Kim Hargreaves North book!

Those of you who have been following me for a while may have noticed that I’ve been saying this is nearly finished for quite some time! May has been a busy month for me so this has been sitting in my knitting box waiting for me to pick up the neckline, sew up and block. I actually really enjoy making up (strange – I know!), but I think you need to have lots of time and a relaxed mind so that it’s not rushed.

It doesn’t have buttons yet – I’m thinking some little shell buttons would be perfect.



I’m really happy with my choice of colours. I used Fine lace in cobweb and Kidsilk Haze in majestic – which has a slight purple tone to it, so overall it creates a nice warm grey. I can’t describe how lovely the combination of these two yarns is. It was a joy to knit – even though it was on 2.25mm and 2.75mm!

I had the perfect opportunity to wear it on Thursday, when I was the guest on a Create and Craft show with my book Cute Little Knits. Live TV is somewhat daunting so I haven’t been brave enough to watch it back, but I hope you enjoyed it if you saw it!

I’m setting you a challenge for June – get out those garments that just need making up and get them finished! If you’re stuck – you could come along to one of my professional finishing techniques workshops and I’ll teach you the joys of mattress stitch! x

Yarn provided by Rowan

Making Diary

A couple of weeks ago I decided to keep a visual diary of my ‘makes’ over on Instagram. I often reach the end of the week and feel like I’ve not achieved much. This diary has taught me that my expectations are maybe a bit high- I make a lot!


I spent most of the day doing some secret work knitting- sorry! I’d love to show you, but I need to maintain an air of mystery. I then spent the evening working on Kim Hargreaves Captivate from her new book North. It’s all a bit grey!


More secret work knitting and making up during the day. Tuesday is knit group night, so I did a bit more of Captivate and then caught up on my mood scarf when I got home.


Final touches on my secret work knitting during the day, followed by a bit of Captivate knitting in the evening whilst watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is getting a bit repetitive isn’t it?


After finally finishing my secret knitting, I had a bit of an admin day on Thursday, which included making some buttonhole samples in preparation for a workshop. Being the first Thursday of the month, it was pub-knits in the evening, so I did a bit of Captivate and a mood scarf catch up in the Roundhouse.


Friday was supposedly my day off- but I spent all day knitting my new workshop mascot ‘Ted Bear’. And watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


I hosted the monthly Rowan coffee morning at John Lewis Nottingham and then spent the afternoon merchandising their Rowan wall. After a hard day of playing with yarn (!)- I spent the evening working on my rag rug and watching  The Muppets (excellent film!)


As well as a mood scarf catch up, I did a bit of Captivate and also decided to make some lampshades with old yarn. I might add more yarn before popping the balloons so I can’t show you the results yet. Blog to follow!

If you decide to keep your own making diary please share it with me! x