I Love Sherwood!

Every year, Sherwood art week makes me feel really proud to live here!

Sherwood is on the outskirts of Nottingham and I very rarely need to venture into Nottingham because I can find everything I need here. My favourite places include A Room Full of Butterflies/ Homemade, A Stones Throw, Le Mistral, The Little Deli and of course The Thompson Brothers grocers.

Throughout Sherwood art week, all the local shops have art in the windows and some even had live music. My favourite event is the Secret Garden Craft Fair. We were so lucky with the weather last weekend and it was lovely to sit in the sunshine eating burgers, listening to live musc and drinking very strong cider! I stocked up on cards from Eloise Renouf and we bought a birthday gift from Katrin Moye.

The people of Sherwood surpassed themselves with yarn bombing this year and I stopped to take a photo of nearly every tree, gate, bench- and even a crochet bike! My favourite was the WI tree with pompoms.



Last weekend we also had our knit in public event at the Arboretum. This was followed by a booze-up with the Knit Nottingham crew- but unfortunately I had to get home to do some work and only managed the park section of the event! Again- we were very lucky with the weather and had a great time knitting, chatting and eating fantastic owl and knit biscuits made by our leader Steph (the Sheriff of Knittingham).


 All in all it was the perfect crafty weekend!