New for Yarndale 2018

Introducing Frank the Fox!

Knit Frank the Fox by Jem Weston

Frank will be joining me at Yarndale where he will be launched as a kit including yarn and a printed pattern. He is knitted in my favourite Rowan Felted Tweed with a cosy Kid Classic scarf.

Knit Frank the Fox by Jem Weston

If you can’t make it to Yarndale this year – fear not! Frank kits will be available from my online shop shortly after the show.

Knit Frank the Fox by Jem Weston

I love exhibiting at Yarndale… I can’t wait to see you all and get fully immersed in lovely woolly Autumn vibes!


Summer Tie

I’ve been busy working away on a cardigan and beaded top for our wedding in August, but took a bit of time out to knit Beardie a tie to wear on the big day! And it was the perfect opportunity to re-work the Tweed Tie pattern in a cotton yarn.

Jem Weston | Summer Tie knitting pattern

I’ve been using Rowan Summerlite DK a lot recently and I love it! Using a DK on 2.75mm needles might sound like madness… but Summerlite is quite a fine DK and using it on small needles gives a great firm texture for a tie.

It’s a lovely weight so it drapes nicely and doesn’t flap about in the wind! The tight tension and sideways knitting will also help it to keep it’s shape and not grow over time.

The Summer Tie is available to download as a PDF pattern for £3.50 and also as kits in either Ocean or Rouge.

Summer Tie Knit Kit: £10shop now

Click below to buy the pattern via Ravelry

Summer Tie PDF pattern: £3.50buy now

New Knit Kits!

December is nearly upon us, so I feel it is now appropriate to use the c-word.

It’s nearly Christmas!

So I’ve been working away to update my shop with kits I think would make lovely gifts – either as a kit or knitted up. Or perhaps you just want to buy yourself a treat!

Bobby Scarf, Hat and Mitts are now all available as kits.

Bobby Scarf Knit Kit: £30 – shop now
Bobby Hat Knit Kit: £20 – shop now
Bobby Mitts Knit Kit: £15 – shop now

I also have limited stock of the super cuddly Panda & Big Bear kits.

Panda Knit Kit: £25 – shop now
Big Bear Knit Kit: £30 – shop now

You can also find a few bargains! My Lazy Lace Cowl kits are now just £20 and would be a lovely Christmas project.

Lazy Lace Cowl Knit Kit: £25, now £20 – shop now

The Polly/Ollie Elephant & Blanket kits are reduced to £65. Containing a copy of The Knitted Nursery Collection and all the yarn needed to knit the simple Ollie/Polly blanket AND Ollie/Polly Elephant – these kits would make the perfect gift for a new mum and new knitter!

Ollie Elephant & Blanket Knit Kit: £75, now £65 – shop now
Polly Elephant & Blanket Knit Kit: £75, now £65 – shop now

Well that’s made me feel rather festive so I’m off to do some Christmas gift crochet in front of the (electric) fire! x

Dice Cowl

It’s a Friday blog this week folks, instead of my usual Sunday blog – because it’s Yarndale weekend!

I have already introduced you to the Lazy Lace Cowl and Shuggie Sheep – both of these will launch as kits at Yarndale this weekend. So that just leaves the Dice Cowl!


The Dice Cowl pattern is decided by the roll of a dice – giving you a truly random and unique cowl.

DiceCowl1I was inspired by my experience of knitting the Mood Scarf. I wanted to design a pattern that would take away the over-thinking and be random and exciting to knit because you don’t know what’s coming next!

I also wanted it to be something that you can knit at your own pace. You could knit one roll per day or just keep on rolling. I personally got a bit addicted to the roll of the dice – but it’s a fairly healthy way to gamble I think?!

The Dice Cowl is knitted in Kid Classic, Pure Wool Worsted and the beautiful new Hemp Tweed.

Kits will be available at Yarndale for £25 and you can choose from a blue or pink colourway. All packed in a lovely cotton project bag (die included).
But if you can’t make it this weekend you can buy the pattern from Ravelry here.

All the cowls will look different so I would love to see pics of your finished Dice Cowl!

Shuggie Sheep

The countdown to Yarndale begins!

One of the new kits I will be launching at Yarndale is the woolly, cuddly Shuggie Sheep. Knitted in Rowan Fur and Rowan Fine Tweed, he is quick to knit and very soft and squishy!

Many of my toy designs are inspired by yarn colours or textures. As soon as I saw the Rowan Fur I knew I wanted to make a sheep and it really is the perfect sheepy yarn. I love his little fluffy tail!

If you can’t make it along to Yarndale – don’t worry! Shuggie is also available to buy as a download from Ravelry here.

I will be introducing another exciting new kit which will launch at Yarndale later this week – so watch this space!

I’ve had great fun getting prepared for Yarndale and can’t wait for next weekend! Are you coming along?



Well, it’s all about the penguins this week! And I’m very happy to be able to talk about my little penguin project with Rowan and John Lewis.

wpid-img_20141106_113817.jpgBack in the summer of 2012, Rowan asked me to design a snowman for a knitting kit to go with the John Lewis Christmas advert for that year. After going back and forth for a while, discussing whether it should be a two-ball snowman or a three-ball snowman and whether he should be smiling or not (I find toys with big smiles a bit creepy) – we were sent an image from the advert and I cracked on with designing!

Designing a knitting pattern from a photo can be a bit tricky. I try to keep the design fairly accurate to the image, whilst keeping the pattern as simple as possible so that it appeals to more people.

The most important thing to me, is to design something that people will really want to knit. If something is overly complicated in order to remain true to the image – people might admire it, but will it inspire them to pick up the needles? I always try my best to keep sewing up to a minimum – I know that not everyone loves it as much as I do!

I found that the most difficult thing about both projects was knitting Christmas themed things on the hottest days of the year! It felt a bit wrong to be sunbathing in the garden whilst knitting penguins. It was also difficult not being able to talk about this until November!

I really enjoyed working on the snowman kit for John Lewis, so I was very excited when I was asked to design a pair of penguins based on Monty and Mabel from the 2014 John Lewis Christmas advert. I love the advert and it’s really nice to finally be able to shout about it!

After getting the image of Monty and Mabel through from John Lewis, discussions began as to whether we should go with a black beak and flesh coloured feet (accurate to the advert) or bright orange feet and beak. After three operations, where the penguins had their beaks and feet removed, we settled on the orange as it looks so much cuter!

The penguins are knitted in Rowan Pure Wool 4ply and the kit contains enough yarn to knit both penguins. The kit is available on-line and in John Lewis stores.

You can purchase the kit here.


I hope you enjoy penguin knitting and please share your pics on my Facebook page! x