Rowan Animals

Introducing the Rowan Animals!

The first animals I made for this collection were Oliver and his family of owls – they’re my favourites. I liked the idea of the mum and dad having Fair-isle tummies and the babies being plain – as if they’ve not got their final feathers yet.

Patrick the Panda works well as a doorstop, with his chunky bottom – or if just filled with normal stuffing, he makes a great toy. Patrick is named after the wonderful Patrick Swayze (for not reason in particular!)

Sausage dog is an excellent draught excluder and has been keeping my draughty living room nice and cosy for a while. I’m a bit obsessed with yellow at the moment and I think Sausage really rocks his yellow and teal jumper!

Matthew Bear is named after a friend from school who was always known as Bear (but was actually called Matthew). The Rowan British Sheep Breeds Fine Bouclé really lends itself to soft cuddly toys. Keeping up my yellow obsession – Matthew has a lovely mustard coloured tweed tie knitted in Rowan Fine Tweed.

Sophie Sheep is named after my friend Sophie – I will have to get her to name Mr Sheep and the babies for me! I couldn’t resist making a family of sheep from the most sheepy looking yarn Rowan have – British Sheep Breeds Fine Bouclé.

All of the Rowan Animals are available as individual PDFs for £4, or you can purchase the whole collection for £12 here.

Happy knitting! x