Make Nine 2020 – update

I thought it was about time for me to give you an update on my make-nine-2020! Being more than half way through the year – I should in theory be more than half way through my planned makes… but unsurprisingly I’m a bit behind.

I mentioned last week that I’ve been suffering from a loss of knitting mojo. After finishing off my Esme Cardigan and Merry Jumper Dress earlier in the year – my garment knitting took a sharp nose-dive in terms of productivity.

My knitting mojo is definitely back! I’m really keen to finish my second Burnt top and my subtly festive beaded jumper… but I’ve almost completed some exciting new designs so I’m trying to stay focused on those and not get distracted… I can’t wait to share them with you!

I was actually pleasantly surprised by how my make-nine is looking and (perhaps I’m being unrealistic – but) I think it might still be doable this year.

I’ve started having a sewing evening every Wednesday and sometimes on a Sunday too, so I’m hopeful that I will finish my sewing aims for the year. Of the five remaining knit projects, two are almost half done and two are quick projects.

The only problem is… I’m not feeling in the mood to knit a fair-isle jumper right now. Maybe that will change when autumn kicks in. Even with the more vague plans I had for this year it’s still not vague enough! I’ve seen a cardigan in the new Rowan AW collection (coming soon!) that I’m excited to knit so I might do that instead and roll-over the fair-isle to make-nine-2021.

How’s your knitting/sewing mojo doing? Did you make plans or are you just going with the flow?


Jem Weston Shop

The Jem Weston online shop has re-opened!

You might have seen me re-launch the shop over on the virtual Yorkshire Yarn Fest last Saturday… my video is still on their page if you want to hop over for a watch. I had a couple of technical issues so apologies for the blurryness!

On the shop – I have copies of Cosy Alpaca Knits and yarn packs to knit the Alpaca Pillow, Tassel Pillow, Audrey Alpaca & Colin Cria, the Tassel Wall Hanging and Tassel Socks.

I should hopefully also have yarn packs for the Cosy Alpaca Blanket back in soon… I’m just waiting on the turquoise. Let me know if you want me to reserve a pack for you when I receive the yarn.

I also have some Cute Comfort Knits yarn packs – and don’t forget that all of those patterns are now available individually and as an Ebook from both my Ravelry and Love Knitting pattern shops.

I’ve got limited stock of The Knitted Nursery Collection left and won’t be stocking up again once they’re all sold… just a little warning!

In order to keep contact/risk low, I will be limiting my post office trips to once a week (on Tuesdays) for the time being, so apologies in advance for any delays.

All overseas orders will be posted using the Royal Mail Tracked service and you will receive a tracking number once your order is dispatched. All UK orders are still being sent via Royal Mail 1st Class – but if you want to upgrade to special delivery please just contact me for a quote.

Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to buy patterns while my online shop has been temporarily closed – I really appreciate your support!

Happy shopping x

Cropped Burnt Top

Last summer I knitted Burnt from Indigo by Kim Hargreaves in a gorgeous green shade of Rowan Cotton Glace.

It was a lovely fit – but I wanted to wear it tucked into skirts and it felt too bulky/warm around the waist and hips for that. So I decided to crop it!

I unpicked the side seams, picked up the row of stitches just after the hip decreases and chopped the bottom section off. I then knitted a reverse st st edge to match the neckline and sleeve edges.

I’m much happier with it – it feels a lot cooler and more comfortable. I love the style and the fit so I’ve also cast on a black version which will be a similar length. 

I’m looking forward to sewing some comfy summer skirts to go with my summer tops!

Cosy Alpaca Knits Ebook!

Since making the decision a couple of weeks ago to temporarily close my online shop while we are in lock-down – I have received a number of queries regarding how to get hold of copies of Cosy Alpaca Knits.

You can buy my books and yarns to knit the projects from Rowan stockists – many of whom are still open online or taking orders via phone/email, so please continue to support them if you’re able to.

If you don’t have a local Rowan stockist or they have had to close for orders during the lock-down, I have listed a few below who are still open for orders…

Black Sheep Wools, Culcheth

Ewe Wool Shop, Stamford

Ippikin, Much Wenlock

Laughing Hens

Additionally… from today onwards you will temporarily be able to buy an Ebook version of Cosy Alpaca Knits from my Ravelry store!

Cosy Alpaca Knits Ebook – £11.99 buy now

Once the lock-down is lifted and my online shop is re-opened I will return to selling physical copies of Cosy Alpaca Knits and the digital version will no longer be available.

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! Stay home and stay safe x


For anyone who missed my social media update this week – my online shop is temporarily closed. For more details please read this post. Thank you for understanding x
All I want to do at the moment is tackle WIPs! I can’t seem to focus on anything big or new. So this week I finished a couple of cushions that I’ve been planning/working on for a while.

Many moons ago I knitted Anastasiya from Rowan Magazine 48. When I saw it in the mag I loved everything about it. Unfortunately  the finished tunic was super unflattering and I just didn’t wear it. But I still loved it and wanted to get it out of the wardrobe… so I decided to make it into a cushion!

I planned to do this a few years back, but I think I procrastinated because I was nervous that I would regret cutting it up. But after a few more years without wearing it was definitely for the chop – and I love it as a cushion! 

I’ve also finished my mustard Alpaca Classic cushion. I cast this on just before the shoot for Cosy Alpaca Knits so that I had something simple to work on after all the pattern writing and knitting for the book! It also came it handy as a shoot prop.

I knitted it from corner to corner in the same way as the squares for the Moody Blanket and adorned it with poms made from oddments.

I’m planning to redecorate our living room this year so I’m going to save these cushions until it’s all new and lovely! I’ve also got a crochet cushion and a hexi patchwork cushion on the go… it’s gonna be so cosy!

So how’s your lockdown-making going? Have you got finishitus too?!

Yarn provided by Rowan

Merry Jumper Dress

Thank you for all your blog feedback last week! It’s been really helpful and has confirmed that regular readers enjoy a weekly blog and are happy to see everything (new patterns, events, my finished makes & life stuff) across everywhere ( blog, social media and in my newsletter)!

So I won’t be making any major changes (except possibly dropping Twitter…), but I will continue to keep my monthly newsletter a bit more product and event based. I sometimes do exclusive offers and show giveaways via my newsletter – so make sure you’re subscribed if you don’t want to miss out!

Following on from you wanting to see my finished makes… I finished my first make-nine-2020 garment!

The pattern is Merry from Kim Hargreaves Winter Blooms and I’ve wanted to knit it for ages! The book is now discontinued but there are some copies available for sale or trade on Ravelry.

It’s knitted in Rowan Kid Classic which is one of my favourite yarns – it’s so light and fluffy, but also lovely and warm. This shade is Mulberry and it’s absolutely gorgeous – it’s like a ripe and juicy Victoria plum.

And yes… it’s huge! It’ll be super comfy and cosy for working at home and mooching around in. I made the smallest size, but added a bit of length. Because it’s so wide, the extra length ate up quite a bit of yarn and I needed an extra ball just for the neckline which was very kindly gifted from Ippikin (thanks Molly!).

So my make-nine-2020 has gotten off to a slow start… how’s yours going?

Cosy Cardigan – New Sizes

The Cosy Cardigan in Cosy Alpaca Knits is my first self-published garment pattern and I decided to keep it simple with just two sizes – Small: measuring approx. 130cm (51 1/4in) bust and Large: measuring approx 150cm (59in) bust.

Cosy Cardigan by Jem Weston

A friend pointed out to me that if someone with a large bust wanted to knit the Cosy Cardigan, they wouldn’t have the same amount of ease as someone with a smaller bust. She’s absolutely right and I really should have allowed for a generous ease on a larger size.

The cardigan is designed to be worn with between 25cm (10in) and 50cm (19 3/4in) ease – depending on how relaxed you want the fit to be. Therefore the Small would work for an 80cm (31 1/2in) bust to a 105cm (41in) bust and the Large for a 100cm (39 1/2in) to 125cm (49 1/4in) bust… so not really that generous.

This is a total oversight on my part and huge apologies to anyone who felt excluded by the sizing in the pattern. I have been working on two new sizes for the Cosy Cardigan and any garments I design in the future will be made to fit up to at least a 152cm (60in) bust, with ease on top of that.

The new sizes will be included in any future reprints of Cosy Alpaca Knits and I will also be changing the sizes to letters. Small will become Size A, Large will become Size B and I will be adding in Sizes C & D.

Size C will measure approx. 170cm (67in) actual bust – to fit from 120cm (47 1/4in) to 145cm (57in) bust.

Size D will measure approx. 190cm (74 3/4in) actual bust – to fit from 140cm (55in) to 165cm (65in) bust.

Sizes C & D will also be slightly longer from collar to hem with a slightly deeper sleeve.

Cosy Cardigan by Jem Weston

I’m afraid there isn’t a simple addendum that I can share here as I’m fully incorporating the new sizes into the pattern, but if you own a copy of Cosy Alpaca Knits and would like details of the new sizes – please get in touch via my contact page.

Make Nine 2020

After a slight fail on my Make Nine 2019 plan… I decided to be a bit more vague with my 2020 plan!

Jem Weston - Make Nine 2020

I do have some definite plans for the above – but I wanted to have some flexibility on the exact projects so that I can change my mind throughout the year.

The colours above aren’t necessarily representative of what I’m planning to knit/sew with, but I am trying not to make everything in teal (which is challenging!).

I started the new year with a jumper dress in Kid Classic on the needles – I can’t wait to finish it! Hopefully it’ll still be cold. After that – I really want to finish my Esme Cardigan which was on my make nine plan for the last two years… so I thought it would be unreasonable to carry it over again!

Have you got a making plan for the year?

Stash Busting Plans

Last week I had a massive sort out of my yarn and current projects. Partly to get ready for a pre-Christmas sample sale (who’s up for some stash bags?!) and partly because I wanted to do an update blog on WIP’s and Make Nine 2019.

Somewhat disappointingly my WIP’s haven’t changed much since February! I’ve added a few projects to my chest, but haven’t finished anything that was there previously and haven’t ticked anything else off my Make Nine list – so I’ll do an update once I’m more on top of that.

At the moment I’m focusing on knitting my Esme Cardigan. Once that is done I’m determined to finish at least one project from my chest of shame before I cast on anything new – and I also want to make some time for sewing.

One of the unfortunate side effects of yarn sorting was that I now feel inspired to cast on lots of new things! I’m going to resist for now… but it doesn’t hurt to dream and plan!

I had a lot of oddments of Felted Tweed dotted around in various places so I brought it all together and I’m getting excited about knitting a fair-isle jumper or tunic.

I also have a garments worth of Seafarer and Watery so I can do something big! I’ve been wanting to knit Franziska by Galina Carroll for a long time. I would use Watery as the main shade and would possibly change the neckline.

I’ve also got my eye on Sage by Marie Wallin – There are some lovely versions knitted up on Ravelry. I think I would make it slightly A-line so that it’s less snug around the waist and hips (I don’t think this model is two sizes bigger on the bottom half!) and possibly do full length sleeves.

Are you working on new projects or finishing off old? Or a bit of both?!