I finished knitting Meriden by Amy Herzog last weekend and I absolutely love it!

It was perfectly timed for the freezing cold weather we’ve had this week and it actually snowed the first time I wore it. It’s like wearing a blanket – it’s so warm and cosy! But Kid Classic is also beautifully light so it doesn’t feel bulky.

I initially bought this yarn to knit a replacement Teal cardigan but decided I wanted to knit something different. It’s knitted sideways which I think might stop the length growing too much…but it did mean there were a million stitches. So when I went wrong on the first lace section I decided to just leave it and thought it looked okay. After completing the lace panel I decided that it would annoy me too much so I went back and re-knitted. It’s been a labour of love!

I missed some rows from the middle section to make it a bit narrower. Mostly because I was desperate to finish and wear it!

I love this shade of Kid Classic so much (canard) – I would say it’s my perfect colour. I’m glad I knitted this instead of another cardigan – it’s lovely to have something I can throw on with anything and feel really good in.

What’s your perfect colour?