Lilac by Kim Hargreaves (my wedding cardigan!)

Well it was only seven months late for the wedding… but I finally finished my cardigan!

It still doesn’t have buttons… I did buy some, but they’re a bit weddingy. I’d like some simple mother of pearl ones but haven’t found the right thing yet. It doesn’t have buttonholes anyway as you put the buttons through the eyelets so I think it looks okay without.

It’s really nice having a cardigan in this colour! It feels really summery and goes with everything. As it’s cotton – I can always dye it if it starts to look grubby (which it inevitably will).

It fits really nicely and the length is great with most of my summery clothes – but I think I was right that it wouldn’t have worked with the shape of my wedding top. Good job we had a heatwave last year!

It was a a pain in the bum to knit, but I think it was worth it. It’s knitted on 2.25mm & 2.75mm needles so I decided to use metal needles… and confirmed that tiny metal needles and cotton yarn with no stretch are a very bad combination if you have wrist/hand/elbow pain!

The pattern is Lilac from Breeze by Kim Hargreaves and I knitted it in Rowan Summerlite 4ply. The book is now out of print – but there is a similar cardigan (Tally) in her more recent book Sway.

I have some gorgeous coral Summerlite 4ply and really want to knit Tally as well… but I definitely need to pace myself with tiny needle/lace pattern/cotton knitting!

Wedding Cardigan

Quite a few of you have been asking whether I finished my wedding cardigan in time and whether I wore it while we were on honeymoon. The answer to both of those questions is unfortunately no!

Kim Hargreaves Lilac cardigan from Breeze

When I put a post on Instagram saying that I was admitting defeat, a very kind follower emailed me and offered to post me her version of the cardigan from Denmark to borrow for the the day… knitters are just so lovely!

I admitted defeat partly because it would’ve meant a lot of late nights running up to the wedding in order to get it finished, partly because I wasn’t expecting to need it as the weather had been so warm… but largely because it didn’t actually look good with my wedding top. So I turned down the kind offer of a loan and decided to just go without.

Jem Weston - wedding cardigan. Lilac by Kim Hargreaves from Breeze

I knew how the cardigan would turn out, and I had a picture in my mind of the top. But as I mentioned in my wedding top blog… it had evolved over time! I was happy with the shape and fit of the top, but it wasn’t exactly how I’d planned it. It was more fitted and the neckline sat higher than I intended – and it was the neckline that looked odd with the cardigan.

I finished the top two weeks before the wedding and at that point I had finished the main body of the cardigan, joined the shoulder seams (with three needle cast off), knitted the neck edge and blocked the main body (minus sleeves) – so I could try it on with the top and skirt.

The general fit was nice and the fancy edging sat in the right place on the waist of the skirt/top, but the neckline of the cardigan sat below that of the top and looked odd. I also wasn’t keen on the combination of the beading on the top and the lace of the cardigan. It was all a bit too fancy for me! Again – the beading was something that had evolved as I made the top… if I’d had an exact plan for the top then I probably would’ve chosen a different pattern for the cardigan.

I don’t mind that I didn’t get it finished for the wedding or even for the honeymoon. We had ten days in Cumbria and I was definitely sensing early Autumn. I only have the sleeve heads left to knit so I could’ve easily finished it while we were away… but I was desperate to cast on something a bit more woolly (and a lot more teal!).

I’ve got plans to sew some new dresses and skirts for next summer and my wedding cardigan will be perfect with them. Can I still call it a wedding cardigan?!

I’m planning to finish knitting the sleeves and then put it into hibernation to sew up next Spring. I love sewing up so it’ll be lovely to have all the pieces ready to join!

Wedding Makes

I’m writing this blog pre-royal wedding. But now that’s out of the way – we can start thinking about the real wedding of the year… mine and Beardies!

We knew from the start that we wanted a small wedding. We quickly agreed on a registry office ceremony with just immediate family, followed by a village hall party with close friends and family. So with the basics sorted – the big question was… what to make?!

I didn’t want to give myself so much to do that it becomes stressful- but I had so many idea’s! So I’ve inevitably taken on a bit too much… but I’m sure it will all come together.

Jem Weston - wedding cardigan. Lilac by Kim Hargreaves from Breeze

The main things I’m making at the moment are my top and cardigan. Having a dress that is only worn once doesn’t really fit in with a minimalist lifestyle! I thought a top and skirt would give me more options after the wedding. I could shorten the skirt and wear it with other tops and I could dress down the top with a denim skirt.

I found the perfect skirt pretty quickly, but making decisions on the style of the top has been a lot mire difficult! I’m currently on version 3_B and I’m really hoping to start the final top soon! If it all goes completely wrong then I could always just buy a top… but fingers crossed V3_B will work out.

Beardie doesn’t want to know exactly what I’m wearing so no pics if the top yet I’m afraid. He doesn’t mind seeing the cardigan I’m knitting though so you can see that above. I knew I wouldn’t get that done in time if I had to knit in secret!

Kim Hargreaves Lilac cardigan from Breeze

With our wedding being in August- it will hopefully be gloriously sunny, but just in case it’s not I’m knitting Lilac by Kim Hargreaves using Rowan Summerlite 4ply. It’ll be a lovely summer cardigan to have in my wardrobe after the wedding as well.

I’m also knitting a tie for Beardie. I will be updating the Tweed Tie pattern for different yarns as the Fine Tweed is now discontinued- so keep your eye out for that!

Jem Weston Tweed Tie - knitted tie pattern

I will also be making some fabric table runners. I’ve done a lot of fabric chopping but keep getting distracted by how gorgeous the prints are so it’s a slow process!

Jem Weston - wedding table runners

And our friends have been helping us with making pom poms to adorn the village hall.

Jem Weston - pom poms

It’s all very exciting!