Made Six 2019

Earlier this year I chose my ‘Make Nine 2019‘ – The nine garments/accessories that I planned to make for myself this year. As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this blog… I didn’t make nine!

Of the items I had planned, I only actually finished two – some mitts and my wedding cardigan… both of which I started making in 2018! I’ve also finished knitting my Esme cardigan but as we’ve been doing work to the house I haven’t had the space for blocking (which I want to do before I finish sewing her up).

I also made a few things which weren’t on my Make Nine 2019 plan so this is my Made Six 2019…

Considering I also did all the knitting for Cosy Alpaca Knits this year – I think I did okay!

I’ve decided to be a bit more vague with my Make Nine plan for 2020. For example – I might plan to sew a summer dress but not choose a specific pattern until I’m ready to make it. This might be breaking some rules! But I think it will help me to stay focused on my Make Nine projects without feeling restricted.

Have you looked back at your 2019 makes?

Make Nine 2019 – Progress Report

Someone posted about their Make Nine 2019 on Instagram this week and I realised that I couldn’t even remember what was on mine! So it’s a good time to see if I’m on track and give a progress report!

So far this year I have ticked off my new mitts and my wedding cardigan

And yes… there was some cheating because I started making both of those things in 2018! But I’ve been super busy working on my new book which will launch later this year – so selfish making time has been extremely scarce.

I’ve made pretty good progress with my Esme cardigan too – I’ve finished the back and fronts – so it’s just the sleeves to do. It’s so fluffy!!

I should be cracking on with this now… but you know when you’re not in the mood to knit anything that you have on the needles and just want the excitement of casting on something new? Well that happened… so I cast on Burnt by Kim Hargreaves.

It’s not even on my Make Nine list. I’ve gone completely rogue! We’ve booked a holiday for later this year and I just fancied making something summery that I could realistically finish before we go away. I’m having to adjust the pattern a bit for my shape so hopefully it will work out!

I’ve also made a little bit of progress on the Peony Dress. I made a toile for the bodice (blending sizes) but I still need some help getting the fit right. Some of my friends have been going to classes and sewing clinics at Sewing Belle and I’ve been inspired by the lovely things they’re making. I’m hoping to join them soon and rediscover my sewjo!

How are your 2019 makes going?

Make Nine 2019

Back in 2017, I shared my #makenine2017 image on Instagram – showing the nine garments I was planning to knit and sew throughout the year. I just looked back at it and realised that I can only tick off three of the nine! And to be honest… two of those weren’t completed until 2018!

I’ve made lots of other things that weren’t included in the above nine so it’s a bit disappointing to only be able to tick off three! For 2019 I want to set realistic and more focused handmade wardrobe goals.

I’ve been living with a capsule wardrobe for over a year now and it works really well for me. I’m finding that I’m getting less distracted by shiny new things that I want to buy or make and I’m thinking more before jumping in.

If I add something new to my wardrobe then I have to remove something else. This means I’m making sure that anything new I’m adding will replace something that I’m not 100% happy with or something that has worn out.

A few things in my 2019 plan are the same as they were in 2017… I obviously really want to make them!

I’ve also included a few things which are already work in progress but are unlikely to be finished before 2019. Is that cheating?

I’m determined to finish my wedding cardigan next summer, I have some new mitts on the needles using Gamer Crafting yarn and I accidentally cast on the Esme cardigan by Kim Hargreaves recently (I needed some comfort knitting!).

Knitting-wise I also want to make a new coral cardigan. I have a shop bought orange/coral cardigan which I pretty much live in throughout the summer but it’s seen better days and this coral Summerlite 4ply and Kim Hargreaves Tally cardigan will make the perfect replacement.

There are lots things I want to sew as well! The Betty and Peony dresses have both been on my list for a very long time! I WILL make these in 2019. You’re allowed to tell me off if I don’t…

Now that I know the Scout Tee fits me well and is an easy pattern – I’m planning to make a patterned version. Maybe in a lovely Liberty floral?

I’m still lusting after a button front skirt so that’s staying on the list. And I definitely need some new strappy summer dresses! Possibly using the Acton dress pattern.

Did you set yourself any making goals for 2018? Have you achieved them?

What are you making in 2019?!