Rowan SS19

This week saw the launch of the new Rowan Spring/Summer collection. That means that sitting in the garden sipping a spritzer in a floppy hat is just round the corner yes? Come rain, snow or shine – I will be doing some work in the garden this weekend and dreaming about summer knitting!

Here are my favourites…

Mareel by Sarah Hatton in Cotton Cashmere from Rowan Magazine 65.

Witter by Martin Storey in Softyak DK from Rowan Magazine 65.

Yatlen by Grace Jones in Kidsilk Haze from Rowan Magazine 65.

Puffin by Georgia Farrell in Summerlite DK from Rowan Summerlite Horizons.

Blenny by Martin Storey in Summerlite 4ply from Rowan Summerlite Horizons.

Tern by Georgia Farrell in Summerlite 4ply from Rowan Summerlite Horizons.

Happy Knitting!


A while ago I was in a quandary about what to cast on next. I had so many things I wanted to knit! And a good stash of yarn to knit from – so I asked you to tell me where to start.

It was a draw between Buttrick by Martin Storey and Mazarin by Kim Hargreaves. Thanks for helping me to narrow it down! As you’ve probably guessed from the blog title – I decided to start with Buttrick.

It’s a wide fitting jumper with a lot of cable and fisherman’s rib sleeves. So, even though Hemp Tweed is aran (ish) – it wasn’t super quick to knit. But definitely worth it!

I loved knitting with hemp tweed and it’s equally lovely to wear. It’s unbelievably warm & cosy so I’m disappointed that I didn’t have it ready earlier – but I heard a rumour we’re getting more snow at Easter… so I know what I’ll be wearing!

Yarn provided by Rowan

Rowan Mag 63

I don’t know about you…but I’m very ready for Spring now!

I’m keen to get out to do some gardening without the risk of chilblains, walk around in flip flops (or at least less than two pairs of socks) and to do some summer knitting!

The new Rowan Magazine is now in the shops and I thought I would share my top picks so you can join me in dreaming about long days, warm feet and blue skies…

Nabeela by Martin Storey

I love the colours and stitches in this cardigan – and the different textures created by combining Softyak DK, Felted Tweed, Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace.

Barlin by Sarah Hatton

Knitted in Creative Linen – I love this beautiful and simple everyday cardigan.

Beswick by Sarah Hatton

I want this whole outfit! But particularly the cardigan – it’s blooming gorgeous. Knitted in Original Denim.

Garima by Marie Wallin

Yummy shoulder detail and a lovely shape for the soft drape of Summerlite 4ply.

Which brings me onto the other exciting news…

There are lots of amazing new shades to play with in Summerlite! I even felt compelled to stick little hearts on my shade card.

I would definitely recommend popping into your local Rowan stockist to check them out in person.

And just look at this new shade of Handknit Cotton… I’m pretty sure they made this for me?

Are you ready for Spring to arrive or are you still getting Hygge?


What to knit next? (It’ll be teal though…)

In this weeks blog I was planning to share a completed project, but I’ve had virtually no knitting time this week so you’ll have to wait!

But I am at that blissful point of being really excited about finishing what I’m knitting and equally excited about getting something new on the needles! In teal of course…

So what shall I cast on next?

Buttrick by Martin Storey from Rowan Mag 62 in Hemp Tweed? Would keep me cosy while knitting…and hopefully I would finish before it gets warm!

Retrofit Sweater by Sue Stratford…which I’m planning to knit in Felted Tweed? I can see this being my new working at home uniform.

Mazarin from Kim Hargreaves new book Bitter. There are so many lovely designs using Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace stranded together that I keep changing my mind – but this is the current winner! It has a facing to give a lovely front edging.

Or Lund by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Mag 62 in Patons Diploma Gold DK? This will be such a handy jumper through to Spring…but maybe I have time to knit something else first and still get this done for Spring?

What do you want to see me knit next? It’s up to you! x


This week I got to spend a few days fondling and hugging yarn on the Rowan stand at the ‘Stitches’ trade show.

Yarn hug

It’s no secret that my favourite part of the day job with Rowan is nattering with knitters and merchandising yarn…so trade shows and consumer shows are always good fun.

We had a beautiful new display fixture, lots of gorgeous yarn to fill it with and no shortage of passionate and inspiring yarn shop owners!

We showcased lots of new things for Spring/Summer – including the super cute new book from Martin Storey, Little Rowan Explorers, and Quail Studio’s latest – Kids Essential Knits. These and other new Rowan books are hitting the shops now – so keep your eye out at your local yarn shop!

We also had an exciting sneak preview of the first in a new series of books from Kim Hargreaves! Coming soon…x

Capsule Summer Knits Wardrobe


Living in England, I don’t have much need for summer clothes! We get a week or two each summer where it’s safe to leave the house without a cardie or jumper. This means I often end up knitting more winter garments – but we do have a lot of ‘in between’ weather, where a cover-up is definitely needed but it’s too warm for anything woolly.

After taking part in Me Made May, Ive been looking at my wardrobe differently. Instead of knitting things because I’ve fallen in love with the image – I’m thinking more about the outfits I wear the most and feel comfortable in and what I can knit to go with them.

I really struggle to find trousers that fit so I mostly live in skirts and dresses, with the occasional pair of stretchy jeans! So I’ve got in mind a few things that would fit in with my Summer/’in between’ weather wardrobe and have linked to my favourite wearable summer knits below.

I love floral summer dresses with long comfy cardigans over the top. It makes the outfit more casual and is essential for a summer day in the UK! I’m currently knitting a long winter cardie and would love a cotton version too. The image at the top is Calico by Kim Hargreaves and the three images above are Jane by Sarah Hatton, Wilder by Kim Hargreaves and Lessing by Martin Storey. I’m veering towards Wilder – and I do have a cowboy hat so I just need to find a grassy field to pose in!

A lot of my dresses and skirts flare out from the waist and look best with a shorter cardigan. My fave summer picks are Violette by Martin Storey, Karen by Sarah Hatton and Coral by Kim Hargreaves. They’re all  really classic and would go with most of the things in my wardrobe.

I’m more of a cardigan knitter than a jumper knitter. I think this is because they’re more versatile for layering in the winter, but I do like a good cotton jumper in the summer! I particularly love Bev by Sarah Hatton, Posee by Marie Wallin and Prairie by Kim Hargreaves. I already have the yarn for Posee (in teal of course), but I think the others are beautiful and love how Sarah has styled Bev with the denim dress.

I’ve been planning to knit a cabled summer jumper for years! I love Tide by Kim Hargreaves, Lunaire by Martin Storey and Faye by Kim Hargreaves. I think Lunaire is probably the right sort of fit and would look great in cream. I can see myself wearing it with denim shorts, skirts or over a dress. But I also think Faye would be gorgeous with a full circle skirt.

During Me Made May I rediscoverd a t-shirt I knitted years ago! I stopped wearing it as it was a bit short and snug – but it looks good under my pinnafore dress and has made me want to knit a new t-shirt. My favourites are all by Kim Hargreaves – Shore from Echoes, Raquel from Honey and Dree from Wilder. Shore is very similar to my original t-shirt so I think that’s the one I’ll go for, but perhaps without the stripes.

I think a long cardie, a short cardie, a fancy jumper, a cabled jumper and a t-shirt will give me an excellent capsule summer knits wardrobe. But this will definitely be a long term project!

What would be in your capsule summer knits wardrobe?

Autumn Knitting Plans

I appear to have blinked and missed July?! Although I’m dreaming of sunny days – or at least dry days, so I can finish my jobs in the garden, I’m already starting to feel a temptation to hibernate creeping in with the shorter days and cooler nights. With the new Rowan Autumn/Winter yarns and patterns now available, it’s the perfect time to start planning winter knits!

Hemp TweedMy favourite new yarn is Hemp Tweed. The hemp gives it quite a firm structure when knitted, but it’s still really soft.

It’s an aran weight and has a lovely subtle tweediness. I love the colour palette – particularly the Misty, Plum and of course Teal.

It’s selling like hot cakes  so if you love it as much as I do I would suggest buying it now!

I will be selling some kits at Yarndale using the Hemp Tweed along with Pure Wool Worsted and Kid Classic – but I’ll keep the pattern a surprise for Yarndale!

Rowan Magazine 58

There are a few things I want to knit from the main mag, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to Brona by Gemma Atkinson, Frosty by Sarah Hatton or the Sark Wrap by Martin Storey. If only I had time to knit them all!

There are some great new brochures as well, including a new addition to the ‘Rowan Loves’ series.

Rowan Loves 3 ... Cover

These books were the brainchild of Sarah Hatton and are such a brilliant idea! Each book focusses on two popular Rowan yarns and gives yarn details for either yarn for each design. In addition – each pattern gives different options – such as short sleeves or long sleeves, different necklines or a jumper version of the cardigan. Genius!

So far there are Rowan Loves Kidsilk Haze & Felted Tweed, Rowan Loves Softknit Cotton & Handknit Cotton and now we have Rowan Loves Creative Focus Worsted and Pure Wool Worsted.

More knitting time please!

What will you be knitting for Winter?