New Cardigan!

I’ve finally finished my Captivate cardigan from Kim Hargreaves North book!

Those of you who have been following me for a while may have noticed that I’ve been saying this is nearly finished for quite some time! May has been a busy month for me so this has been sitting in my knitting box waiting for me to pick up the neckline, sew up and block. I actually really enjoy making up (strange – I know!), but I think you need to have lots of time and a relaxed mind so that it’s not rushed.

It doesn’t have buttons yet – I’m thinking some little shell buttons would be perfect.



I’m really happy with my choice of colours. I used Fine lace in cobweb and Kidsilk Haze in majestic – which has a slight purple tone to it, so overall it creates a nice warm grey. I can’t describe how lovely the combination of these two yarns is. It was a joy to knit – even though it was on 2.25mm and 2.75mm!

I had the perfect opportunity to wear it on Thursday, when I was the guest on a Create and Craft show with my book Cute Little Knits. Live TV is somewhat daunting so I haven’t been brave enough to watch it back, but I hope you enjoyed it if you saw it!

I’m setting you a challenge for June – get out those garments that just need making up and get them finished! If you’re stuck – you could come along to one of my professional finishing techniques workshops and I’ll teach you the joys of mattress stitch! x

Yarn provided by Rowan

My Favourite Cardigan…

They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone – and that is true with this cardigan. It’s missing and I miss it so much!


There have been so many days since it went missing, that I’ve put on a dress and thought ‘my lovely Teal cardigan would be perfect with this’. It just went with everything and was beautiful and warm and comfy and cosy and the best shade of Kid Classic ever!!

I’ve asked around the obvious places where I might have left it –  but if you’ve seen it or can remember seeing me wear it (last sighting was Sept 14) – please let me know!

So now I have the quandry of whether to knit it again. I always think that I will re-knit things that I love – but what if I make another and then I find it? That would be time that I could have spent knitting one of the other millions of cardies I want to make!

wpid-img_20150324_112511.jpgFor now I’ve decided to knit a summer version. This Kaneshon pattern by Sarah Hatton has a similar shape with the waterfall front and I’ve got the Cotton Lustre yarn in the lovely Cornflower blue shade. This will be next on my needles and I’m really looking forward to it! It’ll be nice and quick. I’m enjoying knitting my Captivate cardie from Kim Hargreaves North – but I’m looking forward to knitting on something bigger than 2.25mm and 2.75mm!

My missing cardigan was from Kim Hargreaves Winter Blooms – so I could get the yarn and re-knit it for winter. But I think I’m going to wait and see if Kim does any lovely new Kid Classic patterns this year before I embark on a re-knit.

wpid-img_20150324_114203.jpgI’ve also been lusting after Comfort from Kim’s Still book. It uses Kid Classic and Kidsilk Haze stranded together. It would be eleven balls of Kid Classic and seven balls of Kidsilk Haze for the XS – so quite an investment and not something I would want to lose! But I don’t think I would ever take it off so I’d be unlikely to lose it.

So what do you think? Should I re-knit or move on? If only I had time to re-knit the things I love that have been lost or worn out AND knit new things – that would be the dream!




Lovely Kim Hargreaves

I’ve always been a fan of Kim Hargreaves, but I’m currently verging on obsessed! Her new book ‘North‘ is gorgeous and it’s taken me a couple of weeks to narrow down my decision of what to knit from it first!


One of the best things about being a Coats Territory Manager was that I was given samples of all the new books to show to retailers (and then use myself)! It was also one of the most frustrating things, because there was so much temptation and not enough time to knit!

This is highlighted by the fact that most of my knitted garments are made in yarn which is now discontinued- and I’m still working on a cardie in Fine Milk Cotton (which was discontinued about 3 years ago) from Kim’s ‘Misty’ (which is now out of print)! I’m hoping to finish the cardie before I publish this blog- so there might be a pic at the bottom if you’re lucky!

I’ve knitted many Kim Hargreaves garments over the years- some of which have been disasters: A Lima dress that clings to all the wrong bits (but it’s lovely and warm), and a little cardie which I did in Cashsoft instead of cotton and then accidentally shrunk! But I’ve only got myself to blame for those and I also have a fair few Kim garments which I really love and get lots of wear out of. Here are my favourites!


Left: Patsy from Touching Elegance, knitted in Wool Cotton. I have worn this so much it’s looking a bit tired! I love the shape and how it fits me. It’s really wearable and goes with all my dresses and skirts. I’m thinking about knitting it again in Felted Tweed with a bit of fair-isle.

Middle: Arielle from Misty, knitted in Sienna 4-ply. The yarn is discontinued and the book is out of print, but this top is still going strong! It was meant to be knitted in Fine Milk Cotton, but I thought the Sienna would be more hard-wearing and it’s been great- I just put it in the machine on a cool delicate cycle. I don’t actually have many clothes that go with it, but I find the shape really flattering so it’s still one of my favourites.

Right: Teal from Winter Blooms, knitted in Kid Classic. I’ve also worn this lots, but it’s holding up to wash and wear better than the Wool Cotton and still looks brand new whenever I wash it. I used to wear this with a belt sometimes, but now I just wear it loose and it feels a lot more casual. I love knitting with Kid Classic because it’s really quick and you get a lovely light fabric which is really cosy.

After a few years with very little time for selfish knitting, I’m really excited about knitting myself a new Kim garment! So from North I have chosen ‘Captivate’ which I’m going to Knit in Fine Lace cobweb (left) and Kidsilk Haze majestic (right).



So now it’s time for the big reveal of my Fine Milk Cotton cardie from Misty! Well- I’ve not quite finished it, so here are the sleeves blocking and you’ll have to keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook page to see the finished thing!

sleeves blocking

Which is your favourite Kim Hargreaves design?

Yarn provided by Rowan