The Big Magazine Upcycle

I mentioned in a previous blog that my love of Pinterest has replaced my Elle Decoration subscription- but what am I to do with a decades worth ofΒ Elle Deco?!


My initial plan was to sell them on ebay- because obviously people would pay a lot for every copy of Elle Decoration since July 2002? After a bit of research I realised that was not the case! But I couldn’t bring myself to just put them in the recycling bin. All that paper! All those pretty pictures!

So I started thinking about what I could make with them and set up a new paper-craft board on pinterest packed with lovely ideas. I’m planning to do some patchwork decoupage on the inside of my chest of drawers. Some of my friends are getting involved too and we’re planning to have a day later this summer, where we sit on dust sheets glueing old magazines to things! I love a bit of messy crafting.

Do you fancy joining in? Have you got an old stash of magazines that you don’t look at but never get round to throwing away? If so- send me pics of what you make and I’ll add them to my blogΒ later this summer x